Do Great Pyrenees Shed A Lot? – What You Need To Know


Great Pyrenees are great dogs that love their owners, but some of us are hypoallergenic and can’t be around dogs that shed a lot. So, if you’re allergic to dander, you may ask when you’re researching about Pyrs, “Do Great Pyrenees shed a lot?”

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Unfortunately, Great Pyrenees shed a ton, especially around the spring when they blow (shed a lot) their coat. Expect to find dog hair all over the couches, floors, and just about anything it touches and stays on for a long period of time. So, unfortunately, they are not for those who have allergies.

How To Reduce How Much Your Pyr Sheds

Nobody, including you, can stop your Great Pyrenees from shedding, but you can definitely help reduce how much your Great Pyrenees shed if you know what you’re doing.

The best way to reduce shedding is to groom your Pyr more. This way, the hair that would usually go all over your home, can be brushed out and discarded.

So, while Pyrs don’t need to be groomed a lot thanks to their tangle-free and dirt-resistant coat, grooming is still a necessity for this dog.

While some only like to groom their dog simply when a lot of people are going to see them, they should be groomed a lot more often.

Are Great Pyrenees Hypoallergenic?

Another question you may ask is “are Great Pyrenees hypoallergenic?” This is a great question and in this section I will be answering it.

So, first, I want to clarify what hypoallergenic means. Hypoallergenic means that what it is describing (of course, in this case, a dog) is not likely to cause allergies.

Saying that a lot of people have dander allergies which is found in dog hair and saying that Pyrs shed a ton, Great Pyrenees are unfortunately not hypoallergenic.

Should I Trim My Great Pyrenees’ Coat?

Many Pyr owners will shave their dog’s coat as they believe it would stop the shedding, though it raises some concerns.

The first one is that their coat can actually make them hotter during the summer and colder during the winter.

While it may seem odd, your Pyrs coat not only helps him keep warm in the winter, but it also keeps him keep cool during the spring and summer. Because of this, shaving your Pyrs coat can actually make him hotter.

Another concern that he won’t be as protected against insects like ticks and fleas and will likely get bitten.

Other concerns may be how he can get sun burned, that the hair may not even grow back for the winter months and won’t be able to handle the cold that much.

Basic Grooming Requirements For Pyrs

Now, we know that Great Pyrenees shed a lot, but we also learned that you can reduce the shedding some by grooming him more, but what are his basic grooming requirements.

Let’s find out.

Bathing Your Great Pyrenees

Being bathed is a necessity for just about every dog out in the planet, only some will need them less than others.

It is generally recommended that you bathe your Great Pyrenees about once a month. While I did say baths are a necessity for just about every dog, some dog breeds can go months without baths.

Trimming Your Pyrs Nails

Trimming your Pyrs nails is once again another necessity for 2 reasons. One, you don’t want him to scratch everyone he sees and two, his nails can actually grow into his paw pads if you’re not careful.

Yes, you heard me right. The nails will curl as they grow and if they are let grow too long, can actually grow into the paw. This of course is not comfortable for the dog whatsoever.

Because of this, it’s highly recommended that you trim your dog’s nails regularly or when you think their nails are getting too long.

Just remember there is a quick and if cut below it, can actually make the nail bleed and make your dog be afraid of you even handling his feet, so be cautious when you’re trimming your dog’s nails.

Brushing Your Pyr’s Teeth

While it may sound stupid, consider brushing your dog’s teeth as it can help keep your dog hygienic and healthy.

While dogs have hard teeth, their teeth cans till rot just like ours can. This is especially true when they’re older.

So, brush your Great Pyrenees’ teeth regularly. You can also supplement them with some dental chews as well.

Brushing Your Pyr’s Coat

While it is true that your Great Pyrenees’ coat is essentially tangle and dirt-free, a nice occasional won’t hurt.

In fact, many still say it’s vital that your Pyr’s coat is brushed at least occasionally. to avoid matts and tangles.

Getting The Right Tools For Grooming Your Pyr

While you don’t have to groom this dog very often, that doesn’t mean that their grooming doesn’t need to be proper.

So, be sure to educate yourself on the supplies you will need when you’re grooming your dog.

Here are some of the recommended tools when you’re grooming your Great Pyrenees:

  • A rake (deep enough to penetrate the skin)
  • Nail trimmer
  • Dog-safe shampoo
  • Cotton balls for wiping
  • Matt splitter
  • Large curved slicker brush
  • Ear Cleansers

Finding Matts & Tangles In Your Pyrs Coat

Generally, the places where you’re probably going to find the most matts and tangles is around the neck and shoulders. This is even more true for males.

Note that your dog may be a bit nervous when he’s being groomed at first with all these new tools, but he should get used to it the more you groom him.

Tips On Trimming Your Pyr’s Nails

Before you even trim your Great Pyrenees’ nails, it’s important that you get your dog used to the clippers and you handling his feet.

So, start out slow and don’t rush things. First, just let him sniff and touch the clippers and reward him with treats and a lot of love for doing so.

Then, after a while, start touching him with the clippers and reward him if he’s calm.

Finally, after a while of slowly introducing him to the clippers, you should be able to eventually trim his nails.

Unfortunately, this article is a just a bit too long to fully cover in one article. So, I recommend checking out this article about trimming your dog’s nails from the AKC.

Tips & Tricks For Brushing Your Pyr’s Teeth

The key to making your dog feel okay about brushing his teeth is to start early and make it fun.

When you start early, you will able to manage him better when he’s just a puppy and he will be used to it in his older years.

Another tip to making them actually enjoy having their teeth brushed is to give them treats before or after you brush their teeth or just play games when their mouth is open.

Both of these tips and tricks should help make brushing your dogs teeth overall a nicer experience for both you and your dog.


So, do Great Pyrenees shed? Unfortunately, a lot, and because of this, these dogs shouldn’t be around people with dander allergies, so they aren’t hypoallergenic.

Do you have a Great Pyrenees? If so, does it shed a lot? Let us know in the comment section below!

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