Here in Think Outside The Tank, we have community guidelines that we expect all users to follow.

Please read through all of our guidelines. Remember, violating any guideline puts you in danger of being suspended or banned from TOTT.

G1. Be Kind & Respect Everyone With Respect: All members are expected to be kind and treat everyone with respect. This does NOT mean agreeing with everyone says, but it does mean being kind and respecting even others who disagree. This means NO disrespectful fighting because someone has a different opinion. THIS ALSO MEANS NO SWEARING.

G2. Be Relevant: This means all content MUST be relevant to pets. We say this to make sure the community stays on topic.

G3. Respect People’s Privacy: Please respect people’s privacy. Do not share personal information like home address, phone numbers (unless you are a vet or vet tech and are asked for your clinic’s phone number), credit/debit card information, etc.

G4. No Inappropriate Content: This means no inappropriate language or images. There is no reason for this and it is strictly prohibited.