Can Great Pyrenees Be Left Alone? (Answered!)


The fact of the matter is, a lot of us have jobs, and many of us simply can’t be with our dogs 24/7. So, you may be asking when you’re planning on going on vacation, “Can Great Pyrenees be left alone?”

Generally, you can leave your Great Pyrenees for about 6–8 hours every day, but this is not ideal and they deserve to be checked on regularly, so try to do so if at all possible. Just note that they should not be left alone for periods of time longer than 8 hours, and as I mentioned earlier, even that is not ideal.

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Can I Have A Pyre Have A Full-Time Job?

I do believe you can pull it off, though, like I just mentioned, it’s not ideal for you to be gone from your dog for 8 hours a day.

Though, if you have to be away for that long, try to check on your dog as much as possible; during your lunch break or any other longer breaks you may have.

Of course, there are also work-at-home jobs which are much more ideal for your Great Pyrenees as you’ll be home much more often.

How Often Can Pyrs Be Left Alone?

I would leave your Pyr alone as little as possible, but I they can be left alone every day, but again, this is not ideal.

So, if possible, take your Great Pyrenees along with you when you’re going on long vacations or if you can’t, consider getting a dog sitter.

Can Great Pyrenees Sleep Outside?

The fact of the matter is, I don’t know the climate that you live in so it’s hard to say whether or not he can or not.

Note that even though the Great Pyrenees can handle the cold and heat, there are temperatures that are too low and too high for him.

Though, for nights when the temperature is just right and there aren’t any storms or anything else to worry about, you should be okay letting him sleep outside.

In fact, you may even have hard times keeping him inside if the nights are fair! When I asked on Facebook whether or not they let their Great Pyrenees in or outside during the night, they all said yes and some even said they had a hard time keeping them inside at night!

Here is what a few of them said;

Ours never comes in. He is with the sheep at all times.

Mekayla Garret

Unless it’s storming, getting them to come in at night is almost impossible!

Leigh Thomason Honnell

Mine prefers outside, even in the rain and snow. He has dry places to lay. He prefers to patrol the property.

Pam Hughes

Are Great Pyrenees Prone To Separation Anxiety?

Generally, no, but it really depends on the individual. You see, it depends on how they were raised and if they went through any dramatic separations.

Fortunately, I wrote another article on this separation anxiety and Great Pyrenees. If you’re interested, here’s the link.

Tips & Tricks When Leaving Your Pyr Alone

Now, we know that Great Pyrenees can be alone, but you still need to get your dog ready for being alone for a while.

So, what are some tips and tricks to make being alone a little more enjoyable? Let’s look at a few.

Take Your Pyr Outside

If you’re going to be gone for a while, but it won’t be overnight, consider taking your Great Pyrenees outside.

Taking your Pyr outside can give him a little more space to exercise himself and just won’t make him feel cramped up in a house all day.

The outside also offers new experiences for your dog while you’re gone. Though, there are also more distractions which make him try to run away.

If you’re wondering if Great Pyrenees are stubborn, I wrote another article on this subject and if you’re interested, here’s the link.

Anyway, definitely consider taking your Pyr outside if you’re going to leave him alone for 6-8 hours.

Get Someone To Keep Them For You

If you’re going to be gone for more than a few days, you may want to get a dog sitter who can care for your dog while you’re away.

While it may cost some money, I’m sure it’ll be worth it saying you don’t want your Pyr to be unattended for a very long time.

Just make sure that you can trust the person who will take care of him. There are dishonest people who can and will hurt dogs on purpose.

Give Them Plenty Of Distractions

While I mentioned earlier, the outside is full of new experiences that can entertain your dog while you’re away.

Though, if you aren’t taking your Great Pyrenees outside, at least get a few toys for him to distract himself.

A good companion can also help keep him from becoming too lonely while you’re away.

What To Do If You’re Keeping Your Pyr Inside

So, it’s possible that it’s storming or just too cold or hot for your Great Pyrenees, and you need to keep it inside. What do you do?

First off, you’re going to of get food and water of course. Make sure that you get more than you think your dog needs as it’s always possible you’ll be away from home as it’s always possible that you’ll be away from home a lot more than you think.

Secondly, consider getting a few toys for your Pyr. It can get very boring just laying down in a crate, especially if it’s for a long time.

Finally, if you’re going to leave your Pyr alone for a very long time in the house, consider buying a dog camera. These cameras are simply so you can watch your dog, though some may offer other features like the ability to talk to your dog through the camera or even a treat dispenser!

What To Do If You’re Keeping Your Pyr Outside

If you aren’t going to be gone for very long and you don’t want your Pyr to mess up your home (which is completely understandable) or you don’t want your dog to be too bored, you may want to take your Great Pyrenees outside. But what should you do?

Again, food and water is an obvious must for all dogs (and most life forms in general), so get plenty of it as you’re dog’s going to need it. Of course, your dog may need more water if its hot outside so keep that in mind.

Toys and chew bones can also help keep your dog busy and entertained while you’re away.

If you are planning on leaving overnight, however, you may want to let your dog in from time to time when he needs to.


So, can Great Pyrenees be alone? Well, it depends on the individual, though they do tend to do well being alone.

Do you have a Great Pyrenees? If so, does your Pyr behave well when you’re gone? Let us know in the comment section below!

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