Why Your Cat Follows You Everywhere And What It Means


Although you hear people say that cats are independent creatures, but you see your cat following you constantly. “Why is my cat following me everywhere? I thought cats were independent!” you say. Perhaps you like them following you around, but you’re just curious why your cat is doing this.

Reasons Why Your Cat Follows You

Kitten - Why is my cat following me

It may be annoying to have a cat everywhere you go. Maybe you’re wondering why they’re doing this and how to stop this.

Your Cat Is Being Guided By Its Instinct

Cats, even though they are domesticated, still have hunting instincts. That’s even more noticeable with cats who have a adventurous character. You’re cat might be lurking around, stalking you, ready to pounce on you at any moment!

Your Cat Wants To Be With You

Although we generally think of cats being independent, it really depends on the individual. Your cat might simply want to be around you. So, your cat may follow you around, wanting to be with you.

Some cats may even develop Hyper Attachment Syndrome (or separation anxiety) , a condition where dogs, cats and even people can get. It can be fixed, but it will take work to do so.

Your Cat Is Simply Bored

You’re cat may just be bored and is using you for mental stimulation. In this case, you should get your cat interactive toys or even another cat to play with so that it will have mental stimulation and won’t be so bored. You could also let your cat look outside the window to look outside.

How To Stop Your Cat From Following You

Cat Crouching - Why is my cat following me

If you’re cat is simply likes you and just wants to be around you, I don’t believe there is anything wrong with the cat, unless it has separation anxiety.

If you’re cat is just bored, then all you can do is play with it more, give the cat interactive toys to play with and maybe even another cat. Cats need mental stimulations. Sitting around the house all day just being lazy, isn’t that exciting.


You’re cat is probably either bored, or just wants to be around you. If you’re cat just doesn’t have any toys or another cat to play with, it may be bored and is actually using you for mental stimulation. It may also simply want to be with you, or is being guided by its hunting instinct.

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