Top 5 Best Smart & Interactive Fish


I do not have studies backing up these statements, I go by online research and personal experience.

Do you want an interactive fish? Maybe a fish  that even acknowledges you? It’s not everyday that you will find one, as fish are just not as interactive as a dog or cat could be, but there are a handful. Today we will be going over 5 freshwater fish that are usually pretty smart and even interactive. Again, fish just aren’t the most interactive pets out there, but there still are some!

Here’s some smartest and most interactive fish

Here’s some smart fish that you may like!


interactive fish

Don’t be fooled, the goldfish is not as dumb as you think! In fact, they are actually some pretty smart and interactive fish out there! Goldfish are hardy, interactive, cheap and just fun to watch! Goldfish can actually be small or big due to a hormone they create, which almost means you can choose how small or big you want them to be.

As awful as it sounds, it isn’t a bad thing and your not doing your goldfish any harm if you choose to keep it small! Less water changes will help slow a goldfish’s growing. They should be preferably in at least a 10 gallon, but they could work in a 5 gallon, as long as it stays clean! Here’s an article about goldfish growth and tank size.

Betta fish

Betta fish are smart, beautiful and pretty interactive fish. They are only about 2 inches in length so they can thrive in a 10 gallon, or as small as a 2.5 gallon if you can’t afford a 5 or 10 gallon tank. Using their instinct, you can actually train a betta to follow a toothpick. A healthy betta may be seen resting or exploring their environment. Betta fish are tropical fish so they do best in water with a temperature of 78-80F and pH should be at 6.5-7.5.


Oscar fish are part of the cichlid family and are pretty smart and interactive fish. It isn’t rare to find your oscar feeding out of your hand or even rearranging decorations in their fish tank.

Oscar fish need a 55 gallon or larger saying that they get to a foot or more in length. Oscars can also live around the same age of a medium-large sized dog! The three main types of oscars are Red Oscars, Tiger Oscars, and Albino Oscars. Oscar fish can be quite aggressive and may end up eating fish that fit in their mouth, so be extra careful when thinking about tank mates! If you want to learn how on caring for oscars, feel free to check out this article!

Managuense cichlids

These Managuense Cichlids are very large. In fact, they’re bigger than even common and comets when they become full-grown. Their lifespan can be as long as 15 years and can survive in temperatures as much as 97 degrees fahrenheit, however the recommended water temperature is 73-82 fahrenheit.

Because of their size, these cichlids do best in a 70-100 gallon aquarium! The pH levels should be 7.0-8.7 amd hardness should be 10-15 dGH. Foods for these cichlids consist of large blood worms, earthworms, prawns, large insects, small reptiles, frogs, big flakes of dry feed.

Elephant nose fish

Elephant nose fish are not your typical fish. They are actually one of your smartest aquarium fish, at least for it’s size. However they are a smart fish. They can live for up to 10 years or maybe even longer if they are kept in the most ideal conditions. These fish are fairly large and can get up to 9 inches in length so tank size should be about 50 gallons for one.

There should be plenty of plants and a little driftwood as well. The substrate should be sand. Water temperature should be 73-82 fahrenheit, pH should be 6.5-7.2 and hardness should be 0-10 dGH. Bloodworms and brine shrimp are good options. Also chopped up earthworms and tubifex worms are good as well.

So, which ones would you say were the smartest fish?

These fish should all be smart and interactive. A fish can never be a like a dog or human, but these were a small handful that are a little more interactive than the average fish!

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