The Basic Dinosaur Bichir Care Guide


The Dinosaur Bichir is a strange fish —  or should I say sea serpent? If you ever saw a Dinosaur Bichir, you would most likely see yourself wondering it. These fish are an interesting animal to have and closely resemble an underwater dinosaur (although the Bible doesn’t consider reptiles like the Plesiosaur a real dinosaur).  Although they do look like one, the Dinosaur Bichir isn’t a dinosaur, nor a reptile.



The appearance of this creature may really think that it’s a sea monster of some kind. This may be kind of a cool, yet terrifying feature that they have. But, as you may know, Dinosaur Bichirs aren’t sea monsters, they’re just fish. Don’t be fooled, the “spikes” aren’t actually spikes, they’re just the dorsal fin.

Tank size

Because of how long they are, it’s recommended to use larger tanks. The complete minimum would be 20 gallons, but it’s extremely recommended to use 55-100 gallons for one.


These fish live pretty long. To be exact, about 10-20 years if they are cared for properly. Although they aren’t reptiles, they do still live a very long time, at least for a fish.

Tank environment

Dinosaur Bichirs aren’t really that picky. Any set up would do, as long as there’s sand at the bottom as they are bottom dwellers.


It is recommended to feed Dinosaur Bichirs a variety of foods. Live foods, freeze dried foods and sometimes pellets. Some foods you can feed your Dinosaur Bichirs could be ..

  • Live, freeze dried or frozen bloodworms
  • Nightcrawlers
  • Weather Loaches
  • Mussels
  • Occasionally pellets for supplementing

Dinosaur bichirs will also eat other live food.

What kind of pellets should I use?

You should use pellets that are high in protein and are made for bottom-dwellers. If you can, try to get something that has natural ingredients and has a large amount of protein (preferably animal based protein).


Dinosaur Bichirs can grow very long, at least for aquarium fish. To be exact, they can grow up to 2 feet long! This is why it’s recommended to keep these fish in large tanks.


When it comes to water parameters, they are decently hardy. The recommended temperature is 74-84F or 24-28C.


The recommended pH, just like when it comes to temperature, is decently wide. To be exact it’s 6.2-7.8.

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