5 Things Only Siberian Husky Owners Understand


Siberian huskies are great dogs. They are energetic and have a great personality. Siberian huskies are of medium size and were bred to be a sled dog.

Saying how they were bred to be a sled dog, they will need an active owner. Everyone who wants a siberian husky needs to know what they’re getting into. In this article, I’m talking about five things that only siberian husky owners understand.

Siberian Huskies Are Very Energetic

Even if you’ve just watched a siberian husky before, you’ll know that these dogs are very energetic. If you have or had a siberian husky before, you’ll know that these dogs are very active. Remember that before you buy a siberian husky.

Siberian Huskies Are Barkative

If you don’t know already, siberian huskies are very barkative (yes, barkative is a word). If you want to see proof of this, just look up “talkative siberian husky” on Youtube. You’ll get plenty of proof.

Siberian Huskies Are Beautiful

Siberian huskies are beautiful dog breeds. These dogs are known to look a lot like a wolf. In fact, some theorize that these dogs are direct descendents to wolves. Siberian huskies are usually gray and white in color, but they can also be red and white like the siberian husky above.

Siberian Huskies Are Destructive When They’re Bored

Unfortunately, it seems that siberian huskies can be very destructive when they’re bored. To help stop this behavior, try to entertain your husky; give him (or her) something to do to. You will need to make sure that these dogs are entertained if you don’t want them to get destructive.

Siberian Huskies Shed A lot

Siberian huskies are known to shed — a lot. And siberian husky owners know it. So, if you’re looking for a dog that doesn’t shed, the siberian husky probably isn’t for you. Although they do shed a lot, they only need to be brushed weekly and bathed occasionally.

I’m sure that almost every siberian husky knows these five things. They are known to be very barkative and very active. They are also known to shed a lot as well.

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