Shiba Inu Vs. Jindo – What’s The Difference?


If you know these dog breeds, you will notice that they are both very similar to each other.

They are both a spitz breed, around the same size and were even bred in the same continent. But they doesn’t mean that they don’t don’t have their differences.

What are their differences? Well, in this article, I will be answering that question.

Overall Appearance

A tan colored dog (Shiba Inu) sitting down
Shiba Inu

They both look very similar saying that they are both a spitz breed and can be seen in the same colors, but they do look slightly different.

If you look close enough, you will notice that a lot of Jindos will be gray hairs through their coat, while Shibas don’t.

Shibas and Jindos can be white as well, but they aren’t always that color. In fact, white Shibas are almost rare.

Korean Jindos are also slightly larger than Shibas. Shibas usually don’t get any higher than 16 inches, but Jindos can get up to 22 inches tall.

No, it isn’t a huge difference, but it is one nonetheless.


A white Jindo
Korean Jindo

According to the AKC, they are both affectionate, but the Korean Jindo is usually easier to train the the Shiba Inu.

The Jindo is also considered more energetic than the Shiba Inu, even though Shiba Inus are usually very energetic.


A Shiba Inu sitting down
Shiba Inu

The Jindo was bred on an island off the southwest coast of South Korea and were named after the Island.

The Shiba Inu, on the other hand, was bred in Japan at around 300 B.C., but they were introduced to the U.S. in 1954.

Both of these dog breeds were bred in Asia, but they were bred in different countries.


The Jindo and Shiba Inu are very similar. They look the same, have similar personalities and were even bred in Asian countries, but you will find that they are different.

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