Can Rottweilers Handle The Cold? (Answered)


During the cold, it can be hard to go outside very often (unless you’re a hot-natured person like me), which, if you like going outside, can be pretty depressing. Rotties love going outside. So, one question that comes to mind is “Can Rottweilers handle the cold?”

The short answer is yes. Rottweilers can handle very cold temperatures (some Rottie owners have claimed as low as -4 Fahrenheit), though it is generally recommended that your Rottie is supervised when it’s under 40 degrees.

A rottweiler in the snow

How Long Can A Rottweiler Go Outside In The Cold?

Rottweilers can stay out for hours in the cold. I recommend that you supervise your Rottie after he’s out for about 4-5 hours, though your Rottie will let you know when he wants back in. In other words, as long as he wants!

This will change depending on the age of the Rottie and the actual temperature outside, however. Seniors and puppies should stay in more often as they cannot handle the cold as healthy adults can.

The colder the temperature, the less your Rottie should be outside. Your Rottie won’t be able to stay as long outside if it was 30 degrees versus if it was 55.

Considerations Before Going Outside In The Cold

Okay, but what if you have to go outside for a long period of time, there are a few things you have to make sure you’ve dealt with before you go outside.

Trust me, you don’t want to go outside in the cold without being properly prepared! So, what are they?

Food & Water Supply 

Alright, this one is a no-brainer, but if you’re going out for very long away from home, you need to make sure you have enough food and water for you and your dog.

It might just be some dog food, a sandwich, a couple water bottles and a food and water bowl, but its crucial that you and your dog are well nourished.

Making Sure You & Your Rottie Is Warm

This is also a no-brainer, but this is a reminder that you should get good clothes that fit the weather.

While Rotties have thick coats, you might need a jacket for your dog or snow boots (yes, they do exist). This goes for you as well.

Dealing With Pests (Fleas, Ticks, etc.)

Yes, you still have to deal with fleas, ticks and other pests in the cold. While it doesn’t seem likely for them to be much of a worry during this time, these bugs can handle extreme temperatures.

They’re not particularly fond of cold weather, however, they seek a warm shelter like your Rottweiler and other mammals. Because of this, you should still check your Rottweiler for these pests even during this weather.

 Exercise In The Cold

We all know Rottweilers require exercise during all seasons of the year. So, don’t use the cold as an excuse to stay in all day.

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring, though. In fact, you can make it pretty fun. While walks are fine, they aren’t the only exercise option.

Some of those other exercise options include fetch, hiking, and even bird watching if you’re outside in the fall.

Should Senior Rottweilers Be Out In The Cold? 

Senior Rottweilers should not be out in the cold as long as younger adults. Like humans, Rotties tend to get health conditions like arthritis when they’re older which will get worse in colder climates.

During the cold, consider getting a coat. Make the time you are outside more productive so that your dog can still get enough exercise without having many problems.

Should Puppies Be Out In The Cold?

Puppies should not be out in the cold for very long. When puppies are born, their thermal regulation is not high enough to keep them warm during the cold, because of this, the time puppies can actually stay out in the cold is minimal.

This is fine, however, as Rottweiler puppies aren’t super big and can be exercised (and still have fun) inside.

During the times your pup is outside, however, consider getting a jacket to help them stay warm.

Do Rottweilers Like The Cold?

Rotties love the cold! In fact, many even enjoy going out hours at a time in very low temperatures!

So, don’t feel bad if you’re taking your Rottie outside in the snow. Not only do I think they can tolerate it, but they’ll probably love it!


So, can Rottweilers handle the cold? Not only can they handle cold temperatures thanks to their coat, but they love it too!

Do you live in a cold area and have a Rottweiler? Let me know in the comment section below!

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