My Top 5 Favorite Animals


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Not only do I have my favorite dog breeds, but also at least 5 favorite animals in general. They may all have something in common, as I do have specific things I like out of an animal, and you may have a whole different set of favorites.

All of these can be pets, but some might be exotic and unspecific. If you’re looking for a good pet for you, this is not the article for you. I may be making that later, but for this article, this is about the best pet for you. And sure, this article might not be fancy, but let’s get started!


Yes I know, the dog is extremely popular and is extremely loved all over the world. But I thought that I should include them anyways. Dogs have been tamed for hundreds of years. There are lots of reasons to get a dog, but the biggest reason being companionship.

There are so many dog breeds and there’s bound and determined to be a dog breed for you! Some dog breeds are for companionship, while others like the German Shepherd is known be a great guard dog and the dog breed that basically all police officers use as police dogs.

The dog can help a lot of things such as depression and anxiety. As you might of seen, dogs tend to be the most common out of support animals as they not only can be trained to help sick and disabled people, but also fight depression and anxiety as I stated before.


Cats like dogs, are extremely popular as a pet. For the most part people keep the house cat, being small and perfect for houses. But some even keep huge cats such as lions and cougars!

Although the house cat generally scratches everything and stick their heads in just about everything it can, the house cat is a wonderful creature and quite ad0rable. Well, unless it’s pouncing at you like a cougar. Oh, and also when it whacks stuff off your counter and scratches your couch until it has a enormous hole. But besides that, they’re amazing creatures!


Yes, the fox is an actual pet, just not as popular as dogs and cats are. There are at least three different types of foxes, but the red variation tends to be the most  popular variation in the pet world. The fox is also generally found is zoos as well, but can be pets as well. The fox is described by some as a mix between a cat a dog. As foxes look somewhat like dogs, but act almost like cats. The other variations include artic foxes and silver foxes as well as possibly more.


Fish can be calming, relaxing and well, stressful. Sure, having a fish tank may be fun and relaxing, but like any pet, stress comes with it. But, like I said earlier, they can be fun and relaxing at the same time. Simply that keeping fish can super exciting makes them one of my favorite animals and especially pets.

There is an over-whelming amount of fish out there, from neon tetras, one of the smallest fish out there to huge fish like Oscar fish and Koi fish. There fish out there that are great for beginners, and there are fish that are harder to keep. Fish are kind of like dogs when it comes to variety. Fish are a great pet for people who don’t a want that gets in there way, as some smaller aquariums aren’t as invasive like a dog or cat could be.


Raising chickens, might sound horrible, or it might sound amazing. It one of those things where, you may not like it until you try it… or it may be that you absolutely love the idea without even having to try it before.

Raising chickens, not only could be exciting, but it could also reward you for your hard work! You might know what I mean if you know know where supermarket eggs come from. That’s right, chickens when they’re old enough, will start laying eggs if you care for them right. In fact, as long as they get enough food, water, calcium, other nutrients and a low-stress life, your chickens should, if they are healthy, lay eggs almost every day!

Now that I shared my favorite pets and animals, it’s time to share your favorite animals and pets! Comment them below!

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