Can Great Pyrenees Get Separation Anxiety?

The Great Pyrenees is a great dog that loves his owners, and sometimes this love can cause something called “separation anxiety.” So, you may be wondering, “Can Great Pyrenees get separation anxiety?” You probably won’t deal a lot with separation anxiety, though your Great Pyrenees may get bored if he’s stays home alone for tooContinue reading

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Should I Groom My Great Pyrenees? (Answered!)

Surprisingly enough, there are dog breeds out there that require nearly no grooming whatsoever. While they generally have a shorter coat, others will have longer ones as well. So, when you have just adopted your Pyr, you may wonder, “Should I groom my Great Pyrenees?” Yes, you should still groom your Great Pyrenees. While itContinue reading

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Are Great Pyrenees Affectionate? (Answered!)

Great Pyrenees are very large dogs, and if you have a family, you may be worried that they will be aggressive and hurt someone. So, a logical question to ask is, “Are Great Pyrenees affectionate?” Great Pyrenees are affectionate, patient, and calm dogs who will help their owners when they need it. But do noteContinue reading

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Are Great Pyrenees Stubborn? – What You Need To Know!

It’s been known that Great Pyrenees can be very stubborn at times as they have an independent nature, but you may wonder if that’s really true. That’s a great question. The truth is that Great Pyrenees can be obstinate at times. While they adore their owners, they can become distracted, flee, or simply refuse toContinue reading

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Can Great Pyrenees Be Inside Dogs? (Answered!) 

Some of us enjoy staying inside rather than going out in the outdoors and would prefer if your dog would stay with us. So, a logical question you may ask when you’re planning on adopting a Great Pyrenees is “Can Great Pyrenees be inside dogs?’ It really depends. Most Great Pyrenees enjoy being outside andContinue reading

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