How To Take Care Of Your Leopard Gecko


Leopard Geckos are amazing little lizards and would be considered a good reptile for beginners. In this post, I’ll share a little about caring for these amazing creatures.

Terrarium Size

Leopard Geckos do best in a 10-20 gallon terrarium. If the tank is too big, your leopard gecko can get stressed, especially baby Leopard Geckos.

If you’re not breeding Leopard Geckos, you shouldn’t have ANY Terrarium mates. If you have a male Leopard Gecko and you get another male Leopard Gecko and put it in the same terrarium they very well could fight, and that isn’t good.

Terrarium Environment

It’s best to have a cool section, a moist section, and a warm section. Make sure you have a hide (A hide is a  place where your Leopard Gecko can hide) for every section, for example, if your Leopard Gecko is going to shed his or her skin, they can go to the moist section or hide and shed. Without a moist section, your Leopard Gecko can have serious issues with shedding their skin. Also, you should have Eco-earth as a substrate (substrate is something that covers the floor of the tank or terrarium).  Keep in mind that calcium sand is NOT a good substrate at all. Learn more about how Calcium sand and other sand substrates can possibly kill your Leopard Gecko by clicking here.

Terrarium Temperature

Again you should have only one section of the terrarium warm, one section moist and one section warm. The warm section should have a temperature of 86-94F/30-34C, the moist section 78-84F/25-28C, and the cool section 86-84/25-28C.

A Quick Look at Caring for Leopard Geckos. #gecko #reptiles #petcare


  • Make sure you have a water bowl shallow enough so if the bugs get in the bowl they can get out. Also, make sure you have a calcium bowl. Feel free to use a water bottle cap for the calcium powder. Just make sure it’s kept dry and free from any bacteria.
  • It’s recommended that you also dust every insect you feed them with calcium powder, vitamin powder, and also gut load the insects before you feed them to your Leopard Gecko.  them so you can keep your Leopard Gecko nice and healthy.

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