How To Make Your Own MELAFIX® at Home


The author has not currently tested this product on any fish that has any health condition that manufacturers of melafix claim that melafix can heal. This alway only makes freshwater melafix for aquariums.

Can’t find a pet store near you that sells Melafix®? No problem! You can MAKE your own Melafix®! Melafix® is used for sores, open wounds, etc. It’s a common fish medicine you’ll generally always see, but sometimes it’s a bit expensive. Instead, you might be able to actually save money and make your own! We’ll talk more about that in just a minute.

What is Melafix® made of?

This is a great question. If you want to make something yourself, you obviously need to know what it’s made of! Melafix® is a simple mixture of water and melaleuca, which is cajeput oil (OR you could also use tea tree oil as it does the same thing). Melafix® is only 1% cajeput oil, so you don’t need a ton to make some Melafix®.

What is cajeput oil?

Cajeput oil is a volatile oil from the leaves of the myrtaceous tree, Melaleuca leucadendra, Melaleuca cajuputi and probably other species of Melaleuca as well. Tea tree oil has the same effect on fish just as cajeput oil does. They are both very similar.

What do I need to make Melafix?

These are the only things you need to make it.

  • 2 ml of cajeput or tea tree oil
  • 200 ml of conditioned water

That’s literally all you need in order to get about 7 ounces of Melafix®. Feel free to make more, only remember to do 1:100 ratio as there should be only 1% cajeput/tea tree oil in the solution.


Now that you have all the ingredients you obviously need to know how to make it! Here’s the directions. It’s again, very simple.

  • 1. Add about 2 ml of cajeput or tea tree oil in a container that holds at least 200 ml of water.
  • 2. Pour in 200 ml of conditioned water

IF IMMEDIATELY USING: Make sure to add the solution into a water tight container with a water tight lid. Make sure to shake the solution until the solution well (solution may turn foggy, this shouldn’t hurt the fish) before using.


Now that you made it, you now just have to use it! Feel free to add the solution to an old bottle of store-bought Melafix® if you want, as it’s basically the same stuff. I recommend to find out the dosing by looking at a bottle of regular Melafix®.

Now you know how to make your own Melafix® and you should be able to use it just like you would regular Melafix®! If you want, go ahead and start dosing your fish if you need to. Just remember to shake the solution before you start dosing.



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