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So, you want to get a Chiweenie (or perhaps you already have one) and you’re wondering “How much should a Chiweenie eat?” If you are wondering this, you’ve come to the right place.

You’re going to want to feed an adult Chiweenie about 390-460 calories per day. Do note, however, that this will change based on factors like whether the dog has been neutered or spayed and how much exercise they have been getting on average.

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Factors That Change How Much They Should Eat

Alright, now you know how much you should feed your Chiweenie, but what are all the factors that effect how much your Chiweenie should eat?

They are the age of your Chiweenie, if your Chiweenie has been spayed or neutered, how active your Chiweenie is on average, the sex of your Chiweenie, and how healthy your Chiweenie is.

How Old Your Chiweenie Is

As I mentioned before, the age of your Chiweenie can drastically change how much they should eat.

Puppies and senior dogs will need extra nutrients than adults in their prime age would, as their bodies are growing or getting weaker and they will need extra help.

If Your Chiweenie Have Been Spayed Or Neutered

The amount of food your Chiweenie should eat also has to do with whether or not your Chiweenie has been spayed or neutered.

When dogs get spayed or neutered, their reproductive hormones which have systematic roles and the muscle and tendon mass will decrease as a result.

His bones will also stop growing, which is why it is recommended that you only neuter or spay your dog after a certain period of time.

So, if they has been spayed or neutered, you’re going to have to feed your Chiweenie more to help keep him strong and healthy.

How Active Your Chiweenie Is

Active dogs will need a lot more nutrition than non-active dogs, because their bodies will be using a lot more nutrients.

If your dog is very active, consider finding a more calorie-dense dog food that contains all the nutrients they need like protein, healthy fats, and vitamins.

The Sex of Your Chiweenie

The sex will also help determine how much you should feed your Chiweenie.

Males are typically larger than females, so they will need more food. However, if a female dog is pregnant or nursing, she will require significantly more nutrients during this time. 

I recommend checking out this article from Hills. It goes into more detail about what to feed a pregnant or nursing dog.

The Health f Your Chiweenie

Lastly, their health also helps determine how much your Chiweenie should eat.

Chiweenies with health conditions may have to eat more or less depending on their health condition. Perhaps their diet may even need to change all together.

For example, diabetes is a common health condition that can change how much your dog should eat or even their diet.

Another health condition that can change their diet could be bladder stones. Bladder stones are caused by an excessive amount of calcium and phosphorus. To help prevent this health condition, consider getting your dog food that is lower in those minerals.

But do note that calcium and phosphorus is not bad for dogs. It’s only when it’s more than they need that it’s when it’s dangerous for them.

Best Dog Foods For Adult Chiweenies

Adult dogs will need to have a diet that is high in vitamins, healthy fats, and calories.

At the time of me writing this article, I’m using Iam’s for my adult Chiweenie. This brand may not be the best dog food for your Chiweenie, however, so I recommend looking at other brands as well and deciding which brand is best for you and your dog.

If you’d like to learn more about this subject, I recommend looking at this article from the AKC about what kind of dog food to buy.

Best Dog Food For Senior Chiweenies

Senior Chiweenies will need more nutrients than adults. At this stage of life, their bodies are becoming less efficient and will need extra help to keep them going. They may also deal with weight and joint problems during this stage.

Make sure you get dog food that has the right amount of calories and has plenty of vitamins and healthy fats. You might want to get a dog food specifically made for seniors.

I recommend checking out this article from the AKC about choosing the best dog food for seniors. It goes into greater detail about this subject.

Considerations Before Buying Dog Food

Alright, we know what kind of dog food is best for adult and senior Chiweenies and how much to feed an adult Chiweenie, but what should we look for in dog food?

Typically, you want a dog food that your Chiweenie will enjoy, is reasonably priced, and is actually healthy for your Chiweenie. 

Does It Contain Enough Nutrients?

As I said many times earlier, good dog food that is high in nutrition is always recommended.

On the other hand, you don’t want to have any ingredients that are bad and will hurt your dog’s health.

Educate yourself on what dog foods to avoid. Recalls will help alert you what dog foods that made a mistake or put an ingredient in their dog food that is not healthy for dogs.

Can I Afford To Buy This Dog Food When I Need It?

What’s almost just as important is the price of the dog food you want. Can you actually afford the dog food you want for the long-term?

Even though it might be healthy for your dog, you don’t want to get dog food that you cannot afford long-term and have to get lower-quality dog food.

Will My Chiweenie Eat It?

Lastly, make sure that your Chiweenie will actually eat the food you buy. While you may think that they will eat it, you may be surprised.

I know for a fact that my Chiweenie, Miles, is very picky. I remember a time when they didn’t even eat dry food and we had to feed him wet dog food.

Unfortunately, you can’t tell for certain if they will eat it, so you may have to try multiple dog food brands and flavors to find out which one they likes the best.


So, how much should a Chiweenie eat? Well, it depends on their age, sex, activity level, and how healthy they are.

So, how much do you feed your Chiweenie? Let me know in the comment section below!

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