Goldfish Tank Size – What’s The Best Tank Size For A Goldfish?


If you’re a beginner, you may be wondering about goldfish tank size? What tank size is best for them?

Well, it’s more complicated than you probably think. You can’t just say that the best tank size for goldfish is (let’s just say) 10 gallons.

You see, there are multiple different types of goldfish that are different sizes which means they will need different sized tanks.

Although I believe most fishkeepers know this, I will often see some fishkeepers talk about the ideal tank size for goldfish in general, which I believe isn’t the way to go about it.

Like I said, there are multiple types of goldfish and they have their own ideal tank sizes. There is no universal ideal tank size for all goldfish.

The Ideal Tank Size For Goldfish

Smaller goldfish that only get about 6-8 inches like Fantail Goldfish, Back Moor Goldfish and other fancy goldfish need a 30 gallon tank when they’re full-grown.

Larger goldfish that you would likely find at a fair or carnival such as Comet Goldfish or the Common Goldfish will need a 40-75 gallon aquarium when they’re full-grown.

What To Do If Your Tank Isn’t Large Enough

You could always give it away, but if you don’t want to give away your brand new pet, I get it. Who would want to give away their pet just after they got it?

If you are worried that your tank isn’t large enough, don’t. Keep the goldfish in the biggest tank you have — even if it’s just a one gallon bowl.

I recommend getting a filter that is made for a tank just larger than the tank you have. For example, if you have a 10 gallon, get a filter made for a 20 gallon tank.

I also recommend getting some live plants as they will help filter the tank.


Larger goldfish will obviously need a larger tank, while smaller goldfish will need a smaller tank.

Full-grown goldfish need large tanks, but if you just can’t get a tank that’s large enough, you should keep the goldfish in the largest tank you have that isn’t occupied.

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