French Dog Breeds – 17 Fantastic Dog Breeds From France


France is famous for its cuisine, the Eiffel Tower, and even their language, but did you know France also has over 50 dog breeds?

In fact, France is one of the leading countries with the highest number of dog breeds. You may know some of them, like the Poodle, but France has many more than that.

1. Basset Hound

A Basset Hound sitting on grass

The Basset Hound is a medium-sized dog breed, standing at around 15 inches tall and weighing 40–65 pounds.

Typically speaking, these dogs aren’t as active as others, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need exercise.

Affectionate with children and other dogs, the Basset Hound should be a good choice if you’re looking for a family-friendly dog.

2. Dogue de Bordeaux

A Dogue De Bordeaux standingThe Dogue de Bordeaux (“dohg duh bore-DOE”) is a large dog breed, standing up to 27 inches tall and weighing 99-110 pounds.

These dogs are affectionate towards the family. However, early socialization and proper puppy training are a must, as this is a large dog breed.

Bloat is a serious concern for the Dogue de Bordeaux, and if you plan on adopting one, educate yourself on the signs of bloat.

3. Löwchen

A Löwchen standing in grass

The Löwchen is a small dog breed, standing at around 12–14 inches tall and weighing around 15 pounds.

In general, Löwchens are affectionate, outgoing, and positive, which makes them well-suited for family life.

Although generally healthy, these dogs are prone to health conditions like hip dysplasia, patellar luxation (slipped stifle), progressive retinal atrophy, and cataracts.

4. French Bulldog

A French Bulldog sitting down on a coach

The French bulldog is affectionate, playful, intelligent, and adaptable, which makes them a great family-friendly dog.

French Bulldogs are certainly one of the most popular French dog breeds out there, and for good reason too!

You should note that these dogs cannot swim, however. Unfortunately, their short legs prevent them from swimming very well, so try to keep them away from deeper bodies of water.

5. French Spaniel

A French Spaniel sitting on grass
The French Spaniel stands at around 22–24 inches tall and weighs 50–60 pounds when it is fully grown.

Although some individuals may encounter some health challenges, the majority of French Spaniels are healthy.

Their coat should be brushed weekly, their teeth brushed regularly, and their nails trimmed when necessary.

Did You Know?: According to the AKC, the French Spaniel is the largest of the spaniel breeds.

6. Berger Picard

2 Berger Picards sitting (?) next to each other

The Berger Picard is good-natured and, although he can be stubborn at times, is generally eager to please.

Note that these dogs should be brushed about once every day during the shedding season, but only about every other week the rest of the year.

7. Beauceron

A black and brown dog standing

The Beauceron is a large dog breed, standing up to 27.5 inches tall and weighing 70-110 pounds.

Weekly brushings and occasional baths will help keep this dog looking its best.

This dog breed is typically very energetic, so they require daily exercise to stay fit.

Overall, training is fairly easy, as they are intelligent and have a strong and loyal nature, typically speaking.

8. Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen

Two PBGVs on leashes

The Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen (PBGV for short) is a small and affectionate dog breed.

Thanks to their overall easy-going and affectionate nature, these dogs are well-suited for family life.

Please note that these dogs are very active and require regular exercise. Several walks and some play sessions should do the trick.

Watch out for health conditions like neck pain syndrome, hip and elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation (slipped stifle), and cardiac and eye anomalies.

9. Briard

A black Briard sitting in a Briard standing in grass

The Briard is a larger dog breed. Males stand at around 23-27.5 inches tall, while females are slightly shorter.

They are overall healthy dogs. However, some individuals may encounter some health problems in their lives.

Note that the Briard does require regular exercise as it is an active dog breed.

Also note that these dogs are independent, which may make them harder to train as they were bred to make executive decisions without the aid of a human.

10. Standard Poodle

A white poodle standing in front of trees (?)

The Poodle is by far one of the most popular French dog breeds, and for good reason too!

These dogs are affectionate and very active, which makes them great for active families.

Please note, however, that if you don’t brush and comb completely, their hair will mat near the roots and will have to be shaven off in order to start new growth.

11. Barbet

A black Barbet standing in a field of grass

The Barbet is a large dog breed, standing up to 24.5 inches tall and weighing up to 65 pounds.

Barbets are strong, sturdy, and athletic, so they require regular exercise. A few long walks or a long play session or two every day should help keep your barbet fit and happy.

Also remember that Barbets, when being trained, do their best with an upbeat training environment.

12. Brittany

A white and brown Brittany on a leash

The Brittany is a medium-sized dog, standing 17.5-20.5 inches tall and weighing 30–40 pounds.

Typically speaking, the Brittany is a healthy and robust dog breed with few genetic health conditions, although some individuals may encounter some health conditions.

The Brittany is a high-energy dog and requires daily exercise to stay fit and healthy.

13. Bloodhound

A picture of a gray and brown Bloodhound

Bloodhounds are 27 inches tall and weigh 80-110 pounds when they are full-grown.

These dogs require weekly brushings and occasional baths to look their best.

Also note that bloodhounds do require daily exercise. It is a common misconception that they loaf around all the time.

14. Porcelaine

2 Porcelaines standing by each other

The Porcelaine is an energetic, elegant, and bold hunter that was bred to hunt small game.

The porcelain is 22–23 inches tall and weighs 55–62 pounds. Porcelain is actually free from most common health conditions, but hip dysplasia is a concern.

Weekly brushings and occasional baths will help keep the porcelain looking its best.

15. Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, esteemed as the “supreme gundog,” is out-going and eager to please.

These dogs stand 20–24 inches tall, weigh 35–70 pounds, and have an average lifespan of 12–15 years.

They should be brushed weekly; their teeth should be cleaned regularly; and their nails should be trimmed when necessary.

16. Braque Francais Pyrenean

The Braque Francais Pyrenean, although it may be less known in the U.S., is not a dog that doesn’t deserve attention!

Although the BFP is not the most popular dog in the United States, it is actually the most popular French Pointing Dog in France.

Did you know?: The BFP is thought to be the common ancestor of all short-haired pointing breeds today.

17. Picardy Spaniel

The Picardy Spaniel was developed as a gun dog, although it is also a popular hunting dog.

Note that these dogs need a fair amount of exercise, so if you are more on the lazy side, the Picardy Spaniel may not be the dog for you.

Also note that these dogs are independent and require a firm, consistent hand in training.

Overall, if you are looking for a hunting dog that is intelligent and gentle with children, then the Picardy Spaniel may be for you.


Although France may have great cuisine or exciting tourist destinations, it also has a surprisingly large amount of dog breeds!

Which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comment section below!


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