Do Chiweenies Sleep A Lot?


Some people are very active and love to do things with their dogs. However, some dogs like to sleep a lot. So, a logical question you may ask is, “Do Chiweenies sleep a lot?”

Chiweenies sleep about 12 hours per day on average. Make sure your Chiweenie has plenty of sleep by giving him a place to rest that is quiet and comfortable. There are also other factors that change the amount of sleep that your Chiweenie gets, like the amount of exercise he gets.

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How Much Sleep Does My Puppy Chiweenie Need?

While puppies are always so playful, a puppy sleeps for 18–20 hours every day! That means he’s awake for only 4-6 hours.

Make sure he has plenty of sleep. To help make sure he does, I recommend dedicating a quiet, dark room for his crate. This way, he can get all the sleep he needs without being awaken by somebody, a pet, or another dog.

Also, consider making a sleeping schedule. With a schedule, your puppy will learn that night time is the time to sleep and will help both you and your chiweenie get enough sleep.

Ensuring Your Dog Has Enough Sleep 

Okay, Chiweenies sleep for around 12 hours a day, but how do I ensure that my Chiweenie has enough sleep?

There are a few factors that will change the amount of sleep your chiweenie gets. They are the amount of exercise he gets, how comfortable the place he sleeps is, and how quiet the room is.

Quieting Things Down After A Period of Time

Make sure that you quiet things down after a period of time so that your chiweenie can have all the rest he needs.

This time may be simply when you go to bed, or it may be a few hours before. Whenever it is, however, make sure that your dog gets the sleep he needs.

Providing A Comfortable Place To Sleep For Your Chiweenie 

It’s essential that you have dedicated a quiet and safe room for your chiweenie to sleep. Without one, your chiweenie will have a hard time getting enough sleep.

For me, this place is the laundry room, but for you it may be different. Places that may work are your bedroom, the living room, or a basement.

Exercising Your Chiweenie Enough 

Lastly, if you think your chiweenie isn’t getting enough sleep, he may need more exercise.

Exercise options include walks, jogs, playing fetch, bird watching, geocaching, and swimming.

Should I Have An Alarm For My Chiweenie?

Personally, I recommend that you let your chiweenie naturally wake up. An alarm can startle your dog and make him nervous.

If you think your chiweenie is sleeping a lot more than usual, it might be a sign that he has a health condition like diabetes or even kidney disease. If this is the case, contact a veterinarian immediately.

Should I Sleep With My Chiweenie?

A lot of dog owners like to sleep with their dogs. In fact, the AKC stated that just under 50% of dog owners sleep with their dogs.

There is no harm in sleeping with your dog, and in fact, it is thought to be even beneficial, but it is not necessary. So, should I sleep with my dog? It’s really up to you.

Why Do My Chiweenie’s Ears Twitch When He Sleeps?

When dogs sleep, you may find that their ears twitch. This twitching is typically associated with dreams.

The twitching is more common in puppies and senior dogs. There is one theory that suggests when the dog is asleep, his brain stem sends signals to relax the muscles so that when he dreams of chasing something, he doesn’t actually get up and start running around.

It is possible that this part of the brain is not fully developed for puppies not as efficient in senior dogs.

What About Sleeping Aids For Dogs?

If your dog isn’t sleeping well, you may be wondering if you could simply use a sleeping aid. While you can use a sleeping aid, it’s unfortunately not one-size-fits-all.

Typically, if you want to solve any sleep-related problems, it’s best if you find the actual cause of it first.

Anxious dogs may need pheromone products or only a light dose of Benadryl, though it is not recommended to do it without consulting your veterinarian first.


So, do Chiweenies sleep a lot? Chiweenies sleep an average of 10–12 hours per day. Make sure that your chiweenie has plenty of exercise and a safe, comfortable place to sleep.

Do you have a chiweenie? If so, does he sleep a lot? Let me know in the comment section below!

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