10 Chinese Dog Breeds


You’d be surprised at how many dog breeds other countries outside of the United States has. There are actually many that you never knew before. Some of those are Chinese dog breeds. There are actually a lot of dog breeds from China, especially ancient China. Today, we will be going over 10 of them.

Check these Chinese dog breeds!

Here are 10 Chinese dog breeds!


Chinese dog breeds

These little dogs are only 6-9 inches tall and only weigh up to 14 pounds. They live for about 12-14 years and a good family dog, however just make sure to watch them when they’re around younger children.

These dogs shed seasonally and should be groomed at least weekly as their coat is pretty long. They should have moderate exercise, however they are not an athletic dog. They can participate in canine sports at their own pace.


Pugs are actually one of the many Chinese dog breeds if you didn’t know. They are about 10-13 inches tall, 14-18 pounds and live for 13-15 years. These Chinese dogs are affectionate and great for the whole family. Unfortunately pugs are not always the most energetic, but moderate exercise is needed to keep them healthy. Recommended health checks include Hip Evaluation, Patella Evaluation, Ophthalmologist Evaluation, and Pug Dog Encephalitis DNA Test.


If you like a dog breed that stands out, perhaps you would like the Shar-pei. With it’s tiny ears, it’s litte tail with it’s medium-large sized body, it’s sure to stand out among other dog breeds. They are 18-20 inches tall, 45-60 pounds and live for about 8-12 years.

They come in a variety of colors, but mainly brown. They are ok with family, but should be watched with young children. Recommended health tests include Hip Evaluation, Elbow Evaluation, Patella Evaluation, Thyroid Evaluation, and Ophthalmologist Evaluation. One sub-breed of the Shar-pei would be the bear coat Shar-pei. These dogs simply have more fluff and look similar to a teddy bear.

Chow Chow

Chow Chows are a medium dog breed that does okay with family, however are not good with other dogs.
They are 17-20 inches tall, weigh 45-70 pounds and have a life expectancy of 8-12 years.

Recommended health tests include Ophthalmologist Evaluation, Hip Evaluation, Elbow Evaluation, Thyroid Evaluation, and Patella Evaluation. They need regular grooming, monthly bathing and moderate exercise. Early socialization and puppy training classes are recommended for Chow Chows. If you’d like to learn more about the Chow Chow, feel free to check out this article!

Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin is actually pretty controversial. But many agree that they actually DON’T come from Japan and instead one of the many Chinese dog breeds. One theory was that they was bred in China, but was then introduced to Japan. Others think that they were bred in Korea instead. The Japanese Chin is 8-11 inches tall, 7-11 pounds and has a life expectancy of 10-12 years.

They are good family dogs and are pretty good with other dogs as well. Despite their long coat, they need weekly brushes  and only have to be bathed monthly. It isn’t recommended to take these dogs outside without a leash because of their stubborn nature.

Chinese Imperial Dog

The Chinese Imperial dog is a Shih-Tzu breed. They are under 9 inches tall and under 9 pounds. They live for 10-15 years. The AKC actually believes that this breed is just a miniature Shih Tzu, however others believe that the Chinese Imperial Dog has a special gene that makes them different. Major health concerns include Canine Hip Dysplasia and Patellar Luxation. They need at least weekly to daily grooming.

Lhasa Apso

Male Lhasa Apso are 10-11 inches tall (females are slightly smaller), weigh 12-18 pounds and have a life expectancy of 12-15 years. They are good with family and the two coat types, the long coat and puppy coat both need regular maintenance. They need moderate exercise with some mental exercises.

Manchurian Hairless

The Manchurian Hairless isn’t a super known dog breed, however the people who know about them have no doubt that they are hairless! They are loyal and devoted. They are outgoing and sociable, but bark at everything. They are very expensive, in fact they go to $1,000 US dollars for one! They are brachycephalic and may have a difficult time breathing.

Kunming Wolfdog

The Kunming Wolfdog is a medium, athletics dog. They are 25-27 inches tall, 66-84 pounds and have a live expectancy of 12-14 years. Because of how aggressive they are, they are not the beginner dog. However, they are also a good guard dog. They need weekly grooming as well,

Formosan Mountain Dog

The Formosan Mountain Dog, also known as the Taiwan dog actually originates (as the name says) from Taiwan. They are 16-21 inches tall, 26-40 pounds and have live for about 10-13 years. They are highly active and need at least an hour of exercise a day. They are not the best family dog mainly as they are aggressive and territorial so they are also commonly used as guard dogs.

As you now know, there are actually a lot of Chinese dog breeds out there. There aren’t just a few that hardly anyone knows about. If you are looking at Chinese dog breeds and thinking about getting one, I hope that this article helped.

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