Can Rottweilers Sleep Outside? (Answered)


Rottweilers make great pets, but they can be very large and destructive if you’re not careful. Thus, a question you might ask is “Can Rottweilers sleep outside?” We will be answering that question and others like it.

Can Rottweilers Sleep Outside?

The short answer is no. Rottweilers simply don’t like being away from their owners. Rotties tend to get separation anxiety, so they can develop destructive habits when you are gone.

If you’d like to learn more about separation anxiety in dogs, I recommend checking out this article from the American Kennel Club.

A Better Alternative Place

Okay, Rottweilers shouldn’t sleep outside, but where should they sleep? Well, the best option is an indoor crate.

It’s best if this crate is near your bed, since they’re often prone to separation anxiety. This way, your Rottie can be with you while he sleeps.

How Long Can A Rottweiler Go Outside?

It depends on a lot of factors, like the outside temperature, the age of your Rottie, and the amount of exercise he gets.

But keep in mind that no matter how long your rottweiler is outside, you must always remain with him. Not only can he get stressed, but people could even get hurt.

The Outside Temperature

The outside temperature can change the time he can stay outside a lot. Extreme temperatures on either side of the spectrum can drastically reduce the amount of time.

Whether it’s hot or cold, make sure your dog stays comfortable. We will talk about some tips to help do so later in this article.

The Age of Your Rottweiler

Age can also impact the amount of time. You may need to reduce the amount of time if he is very old or young.

Older dogs tend to have problems with the cold, as they tend to have arthritis, so consider keeping your dog mainly indoors if you have an older Rottweiler.

Puppies shouldn’t be in the cold for a very long time either. Their thermal regulation is a bit too low to tolerate very cold temperatures, and they can end up getting sick if you’re not careful.

The Amount of Exercise Your Rottweiler Gets

Rotties often get overweight due to the way their structure is built. So, it’s essential he gets plenty of exercise, even in the winter.

During the winter, however, your Rottweiler may have problems with the cold ground. If you think he’s uncomfortable, consider getting snow boots for your dog (yes, they exist).

Caring For Rottweilers In The Cold

There is much more to giving your Rottie snow boots, however. You also have to consider food, water, and shelter when you’re resting.

Here is what you’ll need to do and consider when you’re taking your Rottie outside in the cold.

Food & Water Intake

Your Rottie’s food and water can actually freeze over if it’s been outside in the cold for too long. How do you fix this? Well, the best way to fix it is by simply keeping it indoors, but if you think you should have it outside for a while, just check on it regularly.

If the water begins to freeze, simply keep it inside and get some warm water. You may also have to do this with the food as well.

Getting Shelter

Proper shelter is essential, especially during the winter. The shelter could be your home or a dog house.

If you have a dog house, check on it regularly to make sure it’s clean and dry. Trust me, your dog doesn’t want to have a wet, cold dog house in the middle of winter!

Dealing With Ticks & Other Bugs

While you may not think of ticks and other bugs in the winter, they are still there. However, they don’t enjoy it though and will go to warm places, and your Rottweiler’s is a great, warm place to live in.

So, you may find your dog getting some ticks and other bugs even in the winter. So, make sure you check your Rottie for bugs regularly.

Caring For Rottweilers In The Heat

Now, caring for your Rottie in the heat is a bit different than caring for him in the cold.

You won’t have to worry about the water and food freezing, but you will have to worry about how much food and water your dog has even more than usual as well as a lot of other things.

Food & Water Intake

During the warm months, your Rottweiler will most likely exercise and be outside a lot more than in the winter, so check their food and water regularly.

Make sure the water is cool and available whenever your dog needs it. Your dog should never have to beg for food or water when he’s outside, especially during the warm months.

Watch Out For Ticks & Other Bugs

You’ll also have to worry about an increase in ticks and other bugs. If you’re having a problem with ticks, consider getting a tick repellent. Also, stay away from tall grass, as this is where ticks thrive. 

You may also have problems with other bugs as well, like fleas. If your dog has a lot of fleas or ticks, it might be time for a bath.


So, can a Rottweiler sleep outside? The short answer is, unfortunately, no, but don’t worry. There are other places that you can let your Rottweiler sleep.

Do you let your Rottweiler sleep outside? Let us know in the comment section below.

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