Can Great Pyrenees Be Inside Dogs? (Answered!) 


Some of us enjoy staying inside rather than going out in the outdoors and would prefer if your dog would stay with us. So, a logical question you may ask when you’re planning on adopting a Great Pyrenees is “Can Great Pyrenees be inside dogs?’

It really depends. Most Great Pyrenees enjoy being outside and should stay outside for the most part and if you are going to get an adult Great Pyrenees, consider asking them if they have stayed outside most of their life. Otherwise, if you are going to keep a puppy, you may be able to keep him inside, though I don’t recommend that you do.

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Considerations Before Keeping Your Pyr Inside

If you do plan on keeping your Great Pyrenees inside, however, there are a few things you must take into consideration.

The fact of the matter is, if you’re going to keep a large dog inside, you’re going to need to consider a few things or else you may find yourself a bit unprepared. So, what should you consider? Let’s find out.

Where He Will Sleep

Great Pyrenees are very large dogs and will need a decently sized crate when he’s full-grown.

As a result, you’ll need to make sure you have a place for the crate. It should be in a quiet and dark place so that when your Great Pyrenees needs to rest, he will be able to relax.

How Often You’ll Take Him Outside

Another consideration you should take in mind is how often you’ll take him outside.

The fact is, Great Pyrenees, even if they are raised indoors, will probably still want to go outside.

Thus, you need to understand that he would probably need to go outside fairly often, as they were bred to be outside for very long periods of time. In fact, most rarely go inside at all.

How Much He Sheds

Lastly, you need to understand that Great Pyrenees shed a ton, especially in spring, their shedding season.

So, understand that if you are going to keep your Pyr inside a lot, expect to find a lot of dog hair all over your house.

This, of course, is horrible for people with dander allergies so if you allergies or you will have people over who have dander allergies, you should probably keep your Pyr outside.

Inside Or Outside; What Do Pyrs Prefer?

Now we know that you can keep Great Pyrenees inside, but what do Great Pyrenees actually prefer?

While we can’t understand all of what your Great Pyrenees think, we can understand that most Great Pyrenees tend to prefer staying outside rather than inside.

So, just keep that in mind if you are planning on keeping your Great Pyrenees inside.

Can Great Pyrenees Live In Apartments?

A lot of us live in apartments, but want a Great Pyrenees, So, is it doable? Personally, while I don’t know if it’s necessarily doable, I don’t recommend it.

Here’s why:

They Bark A Lot

First off, Great Pyrenees tend to bark a lot when they see cars, people, cats, and other dogs.

Thus, it can be annoying for others around you. In fact, some apartment complexes won’t allow dogs whatsoever, and this is probably one of their reasons

They Tend To Prefer To Be Outdoors

As I mentioned earlier, Great Pyrenees prefer to live outdoors rather than indoors.

Even if they were raised indoors, I still suspect that they would want to go outside multiple times a day.

While it is debated whether or not Great Pyrenees need a backyard, it is generally said that Pyrs do best in one.

They Don’t Like Being Around A Lot of Strangers

Another reason why I don’t recommend keeping your Pyr in an apartment is that there are generally a lot of strangers around apartments.

These could just be people passing through, but most likely, people who live there and are there often.

Unfortunately, Great Pyrenees don’t do well being around a lot of strangers, so you may find that your Pyr is uncomfortable in an apartment because of this reason.

They Are So Large

Lastly, the Great Pyrenees are large. So, even if your python is quiet and doesn’t like to be outside often, his size alone should discourage you from keeping him in an apartment.

Even though Pyrs don’t require a ton of exercise, they are very large dogs and need a lot of space, and apartments usually don’t meet that need.

Indoors Or Outdoors – What’s Better For Their Health?

What we also need to keep in mind is that it’s just a lot healthier to keep them outdoors rather than indoors, unless the weather isn’t fair.

Like humans, it’s just not healthy for your Pyr to be locked up all day in the house and even if they do go outside every now and then, they were bred to be primarily outside.

Pros & Cons To Keeping Your Pyr Inside

Now, let’s look into the pros and cons to keeping your Great Pyrenees inside.

For the pros, we have the fact that your Great Pyrenees will probably stay cleaner in general and in turn, will need less grooming.

For the cons, however, keeping them indoors will likely be unpleasant for your Great Pyrenees, since they were bred to stay outdoors for very long periods of time.

They are very large and prefer staying outside rather than inside. So, you may find that he’s just fit for the indoors.

So, unfortunately, the cons seem to outweigh the pros, and it’s best if you keep them outdoors.

Can Great Pyrenees Be Home Alone?

Yes, generally speaking, Great Pyrenees can be home alone while their owners are gone.

This does not, of course, mean that you can leave your Pyr alone for hours at a time, so I recommend that you research a bit more about this.


So, can Great Pyrenees be inside dogs? Generally speaking, it’s best if they are kept outdoors, but you could probably pull it off if he was raised indoors.

Do you have a Great Pyrenees? If so, do you let it in often? Let us know in the comment section below!

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