Can Dogs Eat Corn? – The Answer Isn’t So Simple


Corn is a popular food that many Americans eat. It’s everywhere. While it’s safe for most people. is it safe for dogs? Well, not everyone knows if they can have it.

If your dog is begging to have some corn right now, don’t give them anything just yet. First, you need to know if it’s actually safe for them to eat.

Can Dogs Eat Corn?

Corn on the cob

The answer is a bit complicated. Technically corn is safe for dogs, but you still have to be cautious.

Corn On The Cob

Don’t give your dog corn on the cob. The AKC states that corn cobs are a choking hazard. They don’t say anything about it being toxic though.

Obviously, that doesn’t mean that you should feed them corn cobs as like the AKC states, it is a choking hazard..

Corn Off Of The Cob

The AKC says that corn off of the cob is okay for them to eat in small amounts. Just remember to feed it in moderation.

They state that some dogs might be allergic to corn, so make sure that your dog isn’t before you start feeding them a lot of it.

Health Benefits of Corn

The AKC says that it is a source of carbs, vitamins and even fiber.

One cup of sweet corn has s about 3.6 grams of fiber and around 5 grams of protein.

Can My Dog Have Popcorn?

Can dogs eat corn - Australian Shepherd

Yes, your dog can have popcorn. Just make sure there isn’t too much butter on it.

Also make sure that the popcorn is actually popped, as you don’t want your dog eating corn kernels, do you?


Yes, dogs can have corn, just remember to feed them only little amounts as they might be allergic to corn. But don’t feed your dog corn on the cob, as it may be a choking hazard.

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