Can Dogs Eat Bell Peppers? – A Thorough Guide


Bell peppers are a common vegetable that is often used in Mexican cuisine, which is very popular. So you may be wondering if your dog can eat bell peppers.

So, can dogs eat bell peppers? According to the AKC, they certainly can! In fact, they have many health benefits as well!

Can Dogs Eat Bell Peppers?

So, dogs can eat bell peppers, but there are some exceptions, however. Though you should be okay with some caution.

You see, some individuals may respond differently. You should be okay if you slowly introduce the bell peppers into your dog’s diet though. This way, you can find out if they don’t respond well before they eat too much.

Can Dogs Eat Bell Pepper Seeds?

So, dogs can eat the bell pepper flesh, but what about the seeds? The short answer is no.

You see, the seeds can actually cause indigestion, according to the AKC, so it’s best if they are simply left out of your dog’s diet.

Does The Color Matter?

All bell peppers, no matter what the color, are healthy for dogs and contain healthy vitamins and nutrients, though the red type has the most nutrients, according to the AKC.

How Many Bell Peppers Can My Dog Eat?

Though bell peppers are healthy for dogs, they should never be fed in excess. Excess amounts can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and/or an upset stomach.

Again, remember to slowly introduce them into your dog’s diet. You really don’t want to feed them a lot of food that they can’t eat.

The Health Benefits of Bell Peppers

Bell peppers contain vitamins A, E, B6, C, and K6, as well as other nutrients such as beta-carotene and potassium.

Bell peppers are actually so high in nutrients that many advise that you include them in your dog’s diet.

How Should They Be Prepared?

Restrain from adding seasoning, as it could actually be poisonous to your dog. For instance, garlic and garlic powder are commonly used in food, though many advise that dogs never eat them as they can cause some problems.

Be sure that the bell pepper isn’t spicy either. Your dog can’t handle spice like you can!

Are they Picky Dog Approved?

While I can’t say your dog will or will not eat them, my male dog did actually eat them, but he had to essentially force them down his throat with cheese.

Other than that, neither of my dogs even cared. They would simply sniff it and maybe lick it, but other than that, they just left it.



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