Can Chiweenies Swim? (Answered!)


Let’s be honest, we all like to take vacations, and a popular thing to do when you’re on vacation is swimming, and many dog owners like to take their dogs with them, so a question you might ask is “Can Chiweenies swim?”

Yes, Chiweenies can swim, though I recommend taking him to swimming lessons so you know he can swim well. Chiweenies can swim okay, but it might be hard for them saying they have such short legs. Chiweenies are also prone to hypothermia which makes swimming a lot less appealing.

How Long Can A Chiweenie Swim?

I wouldn’t let my Chiweenie swim for more than 15-30 minutes. Chiweenies are prone to getting hypothermia as mentioned above, so your Chiweenie may not even want to swim that long. Some Chiweenie owners like to let them swim for a bit and then put them on a floaty.

Not all dogs are born amazing swimmers. In fact, some dogs don’t even like water. I know my Chiweenie isn’t particularly fond of getting baths! So, sometimes your Chiweenie just won’t want to swim for very long.

Taking Your Chiweenies To Swimming Lessons

Taking your Chiweenie to swimming lessons is a good idea if you want to make sure he can swim well, but you could also do it yourself.

Teaching your Chiweenie how to swim can save a lot of extra time and money by paying for the lessons and going back and forth from where the lessons are being held.

Let’s see some tips to teaching your dog how to swim.

Get A Life Jacket

If you are planning on teaching your dog to swim, remember that a life jacket is necessary to help keep him safe and confident when he’s in the water.

When your dog has a life jacket on, he will feel more confident because he feels more safe.

Use A Toy To Give Him To Encourage Him

Dogs love to play with toys, so a great way to encourage your Chiweenie is to throw a toy (like a ball) in the water.

This, along with a life vest, should help encourage him to go into the water. If he doesn’t, it’s possible that he just doesn’t like the water.

Get A Swimming Buddy

Consider getting a swimming buddy. This will help your Chiweenie get confident swimming.

Just think, if you were doing something for the first time, wouldn’t it help you if you saw someone do it?

What’s The Best Place To Take Your Dog Swimming?

A view of a beach with the sun on the horizon.

Okay, I know that Chiweenies can swim, but where’s the best place to take my Chiweenie swimming?

Well, there are three places where dog owners typically take their dogs swimming: beaches, lakes, and pools.

Let’s look at each one.


Beaches are typically popular because of their stunning views and warm temperatures, but should your Chiweenie go too?

Personally, if I were you, I wouldn’t let him out of the water because I wouldn’t want to lose him, but that’s really up to you. If you do choose to go to the beach, there are many different activities you can do, like playing fetch and just laying out in the sun.


I wouldn’t be as hesitant to taking my Chiweenie out to the lake. Lakes are fairly large, but not as large as the ocean. You may have to worry about alligators or crocodiles, depending on where you are, though.

Going to a lake can be full of activities for you and your dog. Some activities include bird watching, staying at a cabin and fetch.


The pool would be my ideal place to go swimming with your Chiweenie. Pools are usually small and not extremely deep.

Pools are also generally more sanitary, so you won’t have to worry about getting sick as much. This may be a better option if you aren’t near any large bodies of water, as they are fairly common.

What To Do If Your Chiweenie Is Hesitant About Swimming

Great, Chiweenies can swim and can swim in lakes, the ocean, and pools, but what if my Chiweenie doesn’t want to swim?

If you tried everything, the best option may be to just not force him. If he doesn’t want to swim, then he doesn’t want to swim!

If you really want him to swim, though, try again another day. But if he doesn’t want to swim, just don’t force him. Some dogs don’t like the water!

Preparing To Swim – What To Do

Okay, I’m ready to swim with my Chiweenie, what do I need to do? First, get a life jacket! As mentioned before, if your Chiweenie is new to swimming, getting a life jacket will help him stay confident as he swims.

Second, find the proper place to swim near you. I recommend the pool, but lakes and beaches are fine too.

Lastly, get him some toys to help encourage him to go into the water. Some Chiweenies may be hesitant to go into the water at first, but a toy may perk them up.

What To Do After Your Chiweenie’s Done

Once your Chiweenie is out of the water, dry him with a warm towel. Your Chiweenie is probably cold (you know this if you ever swam in a pool yourself) and this will help bring his temperature back to normal.

Next, you’re going to want to check his skin and ears. Chiweenies tend to be sensitive to chlorine, which can irritate their skin.

Lastly, give your Chiweenie some food and water. He will likely be hungry and thirsty after the exercise.

Do Chiweenies Like To Swim?

It really depends on the individual. Some Chiweenies will love the water, while others will act more like cats than dogs!

If you’re unsure if your Chiweenie likes the water or not, the best thing to do is be patient when you’re introducing him. As stated before, throwing your Chiweenie into the water without any life jacket will make him panic and will likely end in trouble!


So, can Chiweenies swim? Yes, Chiweenies can swim, but don’t force him if he doesn’t want to. Some Chiweenies just don’t like water.

Do you have a Chiweenie? If so, do you let him swim? Let me know in the comment section below!

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