Bigger Aquariums Might Not Always Be Better


You most likely have heard the phrase “bigger is better”. In the fish world, this means, the bigger the tank the better. But, whether it is better for the fish or not, it isn’t always the best choice for you! Let me explain.

I don’t mean that you should not get a bigger tank. Bigger is, MOST of the time, better IF you have the budget for it. If you don’t however, don’t spend 90% on just the tank.

What would be better? Getting a 5 gallon for your betta fish and spend the rest on the heater, plants & food for the fish, or spending most of your money on a 20 gallon bare bottom tank, a plain pellet diet and a cheap heater? Obviously, the first idea is best.

I’m not saying go below the minimum tank size either. Always get a tank that is suitable for your fish. I am just saying, you don’t HAVE to get a massive tank for just a betta (for example) or really even your. goldfish. Please read The Truth About Goldfish if you want to get more into that subject.

Other positives on getting only the minimum tank size

There are other positives as well, such as …

Less space is needed

The smaller the tank, the less room it needs. Obviously a 10 gallon aquarium will be MUCH smaller than a 100 gallon.

No one likes to spend way more than they need. You shouldn’t have to spend more than you have to.

You can actually help the health of your fish

If you spend less money on the tank, and more money on water quality, live plants and other things that can really help your fish, they could actually live LONGER and be HAPPIER in a smaller tank! For example, would you rather live your live in an average-sized home, but eat good food and be healthy, or would you rather live in a mansion, but eat horrible food and not live very long?

Once again, I’m not saying bigger is NEVER better. If you have a lot of money, go for it! Get a bigger tank IF you have enough money to spend on other things that will help your fish as well. Just be sure to prioritize the long-term care of your fish, against the budget you have available for your fish.

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