Are Irish Setters Hyper? (Answered + Cute Video Inside)


Some of us are more active than others, and generally speaking, active people want active dogs, while more relaxed people want more relaxed dogs. So, when you’re planning on adopting an Irish Setter, a logical question to ask is, “Are Irish Setters hyper?”

Irish Setters are fairly hyper. While they don’t have infinite stamina, they are for the active dog owner as they need daily exercise. Just make sure not to make them do anything more than they need. If you’d like to know more about Irish Setters being hyper, along with some fun activities, and a cute video, I suggest you keep reading!

Daily Exercise Requirements For Irish Setters

Now, we understand that Irish Setters require daily exercise, but how much and what kind?

As to what kind, exactly, we will be talking about that in the next section, but as to how much, it really depends on the individual.

We do know that most Irish Setters are pretty active. So, consider walking your Irish Setter at least a couple times a day, though more than this would be even better.

Of course, if you have a backyard, this would be even better as you can let him essentially exercise himself, but not everyone has one.

You can also try exercising your dog inside. While he can’t get too much physical exercise inside, he can get plenty of mental exercise, which Irish Setters need just as much of.

We will be talking more about inside activities later in this article.

Fun Outdoor Activities For Irish Setters

What are some fun outdoor activities for Irish Setters? This is a great question!

Let’s find out.


The first outdoor activity we will be talking about is fetch.

I know what you’re probably thinking. “It’s just fetch!” “We all know what fetch is!” You’re right, and it’s so popular for a reason.

Not only is it simple, so your dog will understand what to do, but it can also give your dog the exercise that he needs.

Walks & Jogs

Walks and jogs are another popular activity that you can do with your dog, and for a good reason too.

Like fetch, your dog can get the exercise he needs, but there are more smells and animals to watch.

Even going down the street of your neighbor hood can be a great experience for your dog, but other places like beaches and forests are even better.

Not only is it great for your dog, but it’s also great for you as well.

Going To A Dog Park

Okay, dog parks are definitely a consideration, but we need to understand there are considerable cons.

Even though dog parks appear to be relatively harmless, as they are simply places for your dog to run and play with other dogs, there may be some behavior issues that arise.

If you take your dog to a dog park often, he may eventually get the idea that you really have no control over him and that he can do as he pleases.

You may think that this is just nonsense, but we need to realize that dogs think and act differently than people.

Consider your dog to be similar to a small child (I say almost for a reason). He can’t understand everything you do, and he often takes things the wrong way.


Swimming is another fun activity that you can do outside.

Just remember that there is a small possibility that your Irish Setter won’t actually want to swim.

If you want to learn more about Irish Setters swimming, I have made another article about that. If you’re interested, here’s the link!

Bird Watching

The last outdoors activity we will be talking about is bird watching. This activity is my favorite.

Why? Because not only can you do other activities like walking and jogging, but you can also see all the beautiful birds in your area. Bird watching can also be a great experience for your dog.

 Fun Indoor Activities For Irish Setters

Now, what are some fun indoor activities for Irish Setters? This is another great question.

Let’s find out.

Obstacle Course

An obstacle course can be a great way to use the usually unneeded objects in your house to make something that is fun for both you and your dog.

Just remember that your Irish Setter may be a bit hesitant to go through it at first, especially if they’re tired.

Obedience Training

Training for many of us sounds more of a boring task than a fun activity, but it can be beneficial for both you and your dog.

Consider teaching your Irish Setter how to sit, stay, “talk,” beg, and roll over. Sit and stay are especially important and can be used in everyday life.

Hidden Treasure

Hidden treasure is when you take three cups (make sure they aren’t clear) and put a treat under one of them when your dog isn’t looking.

Then, let him sniff out the treat without even knowing where it is.

This activity is a great way to get your dog to use the nose that he was designed for. It can also be a fun activity for you too.

Why Is My Irish Setter Acting Excited?

We now know a lot, but you may still be curious about why your Irish Setter gets so excited.

First, I want to remind of what excitement really is. Excitement really means an arouse into action. So, technically speaking, stress can also be excitement.

Of course, excitement also can be more positive as well.

So, what caused your Irish Setter to be so excited? Let’s look at a few possibilities.

  • He heard a car or a person
  • He saw someone, a car, or another animal
  • He hears or think he hears a treat box or bag

How To Calm Your Irish Setter Down

While it’s good for a dog to be excited, let’s be honest, sometimes they can get on our nerves when they are.

So, how can I calm an Irish Setter down?

Speak Quietly

Speaking quietly can help calm an excited dog, similar to how to calm an angry dog.

Restrain from yelling at your Irish Setter. If they’re running around and you yell at them, their feelings can turn from excitement to shame very quickly.

Also, it may not even help whatsoever. So, keep quiet and don’t act excited yourself.

Hold Your Dog & Show It Some Love

If your dog is stressed (remember, that can also mean excited), make sure you hold him and show him some love.

Have you ever been stressed and just wanted someone to comfort you? When he’s stressed, he may feel the same way.

Do note, however, that this opens the door to some behavior problems if you do this a lot. While it may not happen, do note that he may become more dependent on you.

Stop The Source

Lastly, stop the source of his excitement if you really want to stop it all together.

As I mentioned earlier, the source may be a cat, a car, a person, or another dog.

While you may not be able to necessarily stop the source, you may be able to separate the source from your dog.

He may already be separated, only he can see it. If this is the case, close the windows and try to distract him.


So, are Irish Setters hyper? It really depends on the individual, but in general, most Irish Setters are very active dogs.

Do you have an Irish Setter? If so, what kind of indoor and outdoor activities do you do with him? Let us know in the comment section below!

Featured Image Attribution: Image By Yana Botsman on Facebook

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