Are Chiweenies Loyal? – What You Need To Know!


We all want a dog that’s loyal, right? A dog that’s loyal will always stay by your side and will do what you tell them to, so a logical question you may ask when you are planning on getting a Chiweenie is “Are Chiweenies loyal?”

Sometimes, Chiweenies can be loyal, while other times, not so much! The fact is, it really depends on the individual and if they have been trained properly. My Chiweenie, Miles, is everything but loyal, though other Chiweenie owners seem to have more loyal dogs. Make sure you train him properly. Even though Chiweenies aren’t huge dogs, that doesn’t mean they don’t have to be trained properly.

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Should My Chiweenie Be On A Leash?

Chiweenies should be on a leash at all times unless he or she is in a fenced-in yard. Even though they can be loyal, I don’t believe in taking many chances.

I recommend that you have at least a small fenced-in backyard if possible. Chiweenies are active dogs and should have regular exercise, but you may not always have the time to walk your dog every single day.

Can Chiweenies Get Small Dog Syndrome?

Yes, Chiweenies can get small dog syndrome if you aren’t careful!

If you’re a confused about small dog syndrome, let me explain. small dog syndrome is a behavior issue that is developed in small dogs when the dog feels like he is the leader of the pack.

Typically, a dog with small dog syndrome will be disobedient and aggressive. If you’d like to learn more about this dog, I highly recommend that you check out another article I wrote about what it is, it’s causes, and how to fix it. If you’re interested, here’s the article.

What Should I Do If My Chiweenie Is Disobedient?

Now, what do you do if your Chiweenie is disobedient? First of all, try not to get angry. I know how it feels to deal with a disobedient dog (trust me, I had plenty of experience), but getting angry won’t help you or your dog. So, try to relax.

Second, you can gently tell your dog that he shouldn’t be disobedient. Personally, I might spank my dog just hard enough to tell him he did wrong. But, don’t hurt your dog, as he will become scared of you if you do.

Lastly, see if you can find a way to prevent him from doing what he did or didn’t do. For example, if he ran away from home, find out how he did it and find out how to stop him from getting out again.

What To Do If Your Chiweenie Runs Away

Okay, let’s just say your Chiweenie is actually running away from you (or perhaps you’re in this scenario right now). What do you do?

Let’s find out.


The first step is one of the most crucial steps. That is to relax! I’m not trying to say that you can simply forget about your dog, but panicking and running all around won’t do you or your dog any good.

Use Your Recall Word

Ideally, when you train your dog, you should always have trained your dog to recall a word or phrase. This recall word is basically an emergency call, so when you say it, your dog will immediately come to you.

Of course, not everyone has trained their dog to respond to a recall word, or perhaps he still won’t stop even if you say the recall word. If this is the case, go to the next step.

Entice Your Dog To Come Back

Sometimes, you may have to entice your dog to come back to you. Get him his favorite toy or perhaps a treat box.

If you have a toy, gently lie on the ground and pretend that you are playing with it. If it can squeak, then squeak it a lot.

If it’s a treat box, rattle it a lot and call his name. This should perk him up and if he’s interested enough he should come to you.

Why Did My Chiweenie Run Away From Me?

Typically speaking, when a dog runs away from you, it’s one or all of these three things: he’s bored, he sees a mate, or his prey drive is kicking in.

Dogs that are bored will tend to destroy things like couches and shoes. If you think your dog has been tearing up a lot of things, this is a sign that he has been very bored lately.

If you suspect he might have run away from home because he said something that he wanted to hunt, like a squirrel, for example, find out how he ran away and make sure that he can’t escape again.

Are Chiweenies Aggressive To Strangers?

My Chiweenie is not aggressive to strangers. In fact, he jumps into their laps and rolls over on his back and most Chiweenies are pretty friendly, but that doesn’t go for every individual.

As I stated before, a dog with small dog syndrome will likely be aggressive towards strangers. This is because they want to try to show them that they are the boss, or “leader of the pack.”

I recommend that you be very cautious when you are around strangers until you know how your Chiweenie will act.

Are Chiweenies Protective of Their Owners? 

Frankly, my Chiweenie is not protective of me and will probably run away at any chance he gets, though Chiweenies are very good at barking and will alert you if they think there is something they should be afraid of.

Just note that, unfortunately, they can’t protect you that well if you are being threatened. The fact is, Chiweenies are very small and won’t be able to defend anyone against anything very big.


So, are Chiweenies loyal? It seems that it really depends on the individual. Many have had loyal Chiweenies, while others (like myself) don’t.

Do you have a Chiweenie? If so, is it loyal? Let us know in the comment section below!

Featured Image Attribution: Image by Sean Zarella on Facebook

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