Are Chiweenies Hypoallergenic? – Answered!


Some of us are allergic to dog hair, and we all know that most dogs shed a lot, while others don’t shed nearly as much. So, a question that you may ask is, “Are Chiweenies hypoallergenic?”

Unfortunately, no, Chiweenies are not hypoallergenic. In fact, Chiweenies shed a lot. Expect to find their hair on everything they sit and lie on, like the couch, the rug, their dog bed, your bed (if they lie on it a lot), and you.

A brown chiweenie dog in a blue blanket
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What Does Hypoallergenic Mean?

Before we continue, I’d like to just clarify what “hypoallergenic” actually means.

Hypoallergenic means that the thing that it describes (in this case, a dog) is only slightly allergenic and is not likely to cause allergies.

Chiweenies do shed a lot of their hair, which people with dander allergies cannot be around, so Chiweenies are not hypoallergenic.

How Often Should I Bathe My Chiweenie? 

Okay, now we know what hypoallergenic means and if Chiweenies are hypoallergenic, but how often should you bathe a Chiweenie?

It really depends on how often he’s outside, but I recommend bathing a Chiweenie at least once a month or when he needs it.

Chiweenies are fairly clean, even if they can get into some messes at times, so you really don’t have to bathe them too much.

Can Chiweenies Get A Long Coat?

Chiweenies can have all three types of coats; long, medium-length, and short.

My Chiweenie, Miles, has a short, brown coat, but other Chiweenies may have longer coats. It really depends on the individual.

Should I Trim My Chiweenie’s Coat?

No, it simply isn’t necessary. In fact, the only time you should trim your Chiweenie’s coat is under recommendation from your veterinarian.

You see, many Chiweenies don’t even have a long coat, and the Chiweenies with long coats won’t have their coat grow past a certain length.

 Basic Chiweenie Grooming 

Now, we know that Chiweenies are not hypoallergenic and their coats don’t need to be trimmed, but what about their basic grooming requirements?

Let’s find out.

Bathing Your Chiweenie 

You’re going to want to bathe a Chiweenie once a month on average, or every time he gets into a mess.

You may also want to get a dog-safe shampoo. I recommend checking out this article from The Spruce Pets if you want to know more about the best dog shampoos.

Trimming Their Nails

Make sure that you trim your chiweenie’s nails. Why not trim their nails? Well, not only can they easily scratch people, but their nails can also grow into their own paws!

Also, remember to not cut past the quick. If you do happen to cut past the quick, your Chiweenie will always remember that time and will likely be hesitant to let you handle their paws again.

Checking & Cleaning The Ears 

Dogs will often get ear infections, so that’s why it’s necessary that you check your dog’s ears often.

The typical symptoms of ear infections include whining, scratching of the ears, and head shaking. I recommend checking out this article from the AKC if you’d like to learn more about the symptoms, treatment, and causes.

Cleaning Their Teeth

Lastly, while you may not think about cleaning your dog’s teeth, that doesn’t mean that you should consider it unnecessary.

I recommend that you brush your Chiweenie’s teeth regularly. By brushing your dog’s teeth, you can be assured that your dog’s teeth will be clean and will be less likely to rot and decay as your dog gets older.


So, we learned that what hypoallergenic actually means and that Chiweenies aren’t hypoallergenic. We also learned that Chiweenies can get long coats, but they don’t have to be trimmed because it stops growing after a certain length.

Do you have a Chiweenie? If so, let us know in the comment section below!

Featured Image Attribution: Image By Cynthia Denham Wright on Facebook

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