Are Chiweenies Affectionate? (Answered)


We all like a dog that is affectionate, right? So, when you’re planning on getting a Chiweenie, a logical question you’d ask is “Are Chiweenies affectionate?”

Yes, Chiweenies are very affectionate. My Chiweenie loves to get on my lap and be petted. He also loves to get in bed with me and snuggle. Do note, however, that Chiweenies can get aggressive. I will be talking more about what to do with an aggressive dog later in this article.

a brown chiweenie dog sitting down on grass

Are Chiweenies Good With Children? 

Another question you may ask is “are Chiweenies good with children?” Typically speaking, you will want to have him around older children who can handle him properly.

The fact is, Chiweenies can have bad back problems, and children who can’t handle them properly can end up hurting their Chiweenie even if they don’t mean to. This is why I generally recommend that they be with children 12 or older.

Can Chiweenies Be With Babies?

Chiweenies should always be supervised with babies, especially if they are young. While your Chiweenie probably won’t try to hurt them, he may hurt them on accident.

On the other hand, your Chiweenie may accidently hurt your Chiweenie if they’re older. Though babies aren’t very strong, they can knock things over and scare or even hurt your Chiweenie if you do not watch them.

Are Chiweenies Loyal?

It really depends on the individual. While some Chiweenies are loyal, my Chiweenie, for instance, is everything but loyal!

I wrote another article on this subject if you’d like to learn more about it. If you’re interested, you can check out the article here.

Are Chiweenies Aggressive?

Typically speaking, Chiweenies are not aggressive, though they can be for various reasons, which I will talk about later in this article.

To avoid aggression, always be gentle with your Chiweenie and never rile him up and make him irritated. Also, make sure to keep him clean and healthy as some diseases, like Rabies, can make dogs aggressive.

What To Do If Your Chiweenie Is Aggressive

Now, we know that Chiweenies aren’t typically aggressive, though they can be if they feel like they need to be. So, what if your Chiweenie gets aggressive?

Let’s find out.

Back Away

If your Chiweenie is very aggressive, the first thing you should do is back away.

If you do this, your Chiweenie can have time to relax and won’t feel challenged in any way and end up hurting someone.

Talk To Them In A Soft Voice

Talking to them in a quiet and soft voice should help calm them down if you talk softly enough.

Whatever you do, never make any loud noises that can startle your dog. This can make them feel threatened and may even try to bite you if they’re angry enough.

Stop The Source of Their Anger

Lastly, find out why they’re mad and stop the source. It could be another dog, a cat, or even you. 

Of course, if it’s you, you have full control of what you do, but if it’s a cat or another dog, then you have another story.

If your dog sees a cat or another dog, try to distract him as best as you can. Also, putting him on a leash will give you more control over him. This is why leashes are recommended so often, especially for dogs who has a strong prey drive.

Can Chiweenies Be With Other Dogs? 

My Chiweenie loves his dog friend, Lexi, and I don’t think that you would have any problems with having another dog. Just make sure they are properly introduced.

But, I would still slowly introduce them to each other. While they are generally nice to other dogs, you never know when one might get aggressive.

Can Chiweenies Be Around Other Pets Other Than Dogs?

While Chiweenies can be around other dogs, I’d be a bit more hesitant to keep a Chiweenie and a different pet that is other than a dog.

While Chiweenies are very affectionate dogs, they can still hurt other animals. My Chiweenie, for example, tried to kill our chickens many times.


So, are Chiweenies affectionate? Yes, Chiweenies are very affectionate! Just be careful when he is around children and when he first meets another dog.

Do you have a Chiweenie? If so, do they like to cuddle? Let us know in the comment section below!

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