The Akita Inu is a medium sized dog breed that originates from Japan. It typically comes in red and cream. but may also come in gray and cream as well as white. They have a fluffy coat and will blow it’s undercoat. Expect many tufts of hair during this time.



These dogs were used for a few different purposes usually during different times. They were used for hunting, guarding and fighting. In the mountainous terrain of the Tōhoku region where the Akita prefecture is located the Matagiinu ( or simply Matagi dog) was developed by the Matagi village hunters. This dog is thought to be the ancestor of the Akita Inu

During civil unrest at the Ōdate area, noblemen used their hunting dogs to also guard their homes. During historical periods (Edo to Meiji and Taisho) the Akita was bred with other western breeds such as Mastiffs to yield winning results in dog fight rings.

In the Meiji era, the Japanese agricultural department deemed the breed in a state of impurity.  The Akitainu Hozonkai (AKIHO) was the first Akita Inu registry and organization to help restore and reserve the dog breed. The Akita Inu was officially designated Tennen Kinen Butsu (or Natural Monument) of Japan in 1931, however, the continued restoration efforts were interrupted by WWII. It was believed that after the war, only 16 Akita Inus remained, and only a small amount of pure breeds were in the remote village of Tōhoku. Japanese breeders eventually restored the breed.

Is The Akita For Me?

If you want a dog breed that is of medium-size and a good watch dog, then perhaps the Akita is for you. Akitas are independent, so if you want a dog that is, Akitas might be for you! Akitas are affectionate with family, just make sure that they are watched when they’re around younger children.