5 Reasons To Get Your Child A Goldfish


Are you a parent and looking for a pet for your child? Are you struggling to find a pet that won’t be too hard to care for, but you’re child will actually like? You probably heard about goldfish. They’re extremely popular in the fish hobby. So much so that almost everyone knows about them and have most likely kept them at least once their life. If you somehow need to be convinced that the goldfish is one of the best options for your child’s first-ever pet, you’ve come to the right place.

Goldfish live for years

.Although it sounds like I am kidding, I’m not. Goldfish actually live for decades (yes, I said DECADES)! Not all goldfish will though as some will die because they weren’t cared for properly, or simply because they were a specific species of goldfish that doesn’t live as long. Even the goldfish who don’t live as long though still live for 5-15 years. If you care for it properly, your child’s goldfish could live their entire childhood or perhaps even into their adulthood!

Goldfish are interactive

No fish will ever be as interactive as a dog, but goldfish are one of the more interactive fish in the hobby. Goldfish will actually swim to you if they see you and probably beg for food (which is something all goldfish will do). Goldfish will also move the substrate around as well!

Goldfish can be extremely cheap

Goldfish can be extremely cheap. Simply go to the pet store and see for yourself. More popular and common goldfish such as comets can be very cheap, especially compared to other fish. If you want a comet, you could get them for less than a dollar (where I am at)! Fancy goldfish go for about 8 dollars where I am at. This is a bit more, but still is fairly cheap saying that goldfish can a long-term pet.

Goldfish are beautiful

Goldfish aren’t just some shiny, orange fish. Goldfish are beautiful. There are a number of varieties of goldfish. Some are simply orange, some are also partially white, or even black! Goldfish come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Some goldfish have long fins, while others have short ones. Some goldfish have round bodies, while others are slim. There are so many variations of goldfish that if you’ll most-likely find one you like!

Goldfish are easy to care for

Goldfish are easy to care for. They can handle many beginner mistakes, so don’t worry if you were a day or two late when cleaning their aquarium. Goldfish can even survive getting sucked up in a gravel vacuum (yes, my goldfish get to say they have)!

Goldfish can also live in a wide range of pH as well and they usually do best without a heater (unless they’re like fantails which do best in tropical temperatures). The only downside to these fish is that when they’re full-grown , they need very large aquariums. Comets for example need preferably should be in a 55-75 gallon aquarium as they can get very large. Other than that however, they’re pretty easy to care for. This is why goldfish and bettas are usually the best fish to go with if you’re a beginner fishkeeper.

So, what do you think? Goldfish (in my opinion) are pretty easy to care for. Although goldfish do have their cons, everything will. Goldfish are quite dirty, so consider getting a larger tank to make sure that you won’t have to clean the tank as often.

Goldfish make amazing pets for both children and beginner fish keepers. Again, they can handle many beginner mistakes and can live in a variety of conditions which in my opinion makes them a pretty great fish for a beginner!

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