5 Reasons To Get A Shiba Inu

The shiba inu is a great dog breed for those who are looking for a medium-sized dog breed and are often compared to that of a cat. They are known to “scream” and to make other strange noises. Unfortunately, if your shiba does scream, this may alarm others who are nearby. but, they are still a great dog breed. As I stated earlier, they are a playful dog breed and aren’t very large, which is great if you’re looking for a smaller dog. In this article, I will be show you why you need a Shiba Inu!

The Shiba Inu Is A Good Family Dog

Saying how affectionate these dogs are, they should be a fine family dog. They can also be good with children, but always make sure that these dogs go through proper socialization training. Overall, they should make a great dog for the whole family,

Shibas Aren’t Large

Shibas are not large dogs. In fact, the tallest a shiba inu will get is around 16 inches. Having a smaller dog will usually mean that they will need less room than a larger dog would. Also, smaller dogs are usually cheaper to care for than larger dogs.

Shibas Are Very Alert

These dogs are very alert, so they are naturally a great watch dog. If you want a dog that not only loves you, but can also protect you and warns you of strangers, then the Shiba Inu might be for you!

Shibas Are Very Playful

Shibas are not only affectionate, but also very playful. They enjoy walks and will often be seen playing with toys and household items. But, some shiba inu owners struggle to train their shibas to fetch.

Shibas Are Hunting Dogs

Shibas were bred to be hunting dogs when they were first bred hundreds of years ago. Still, to this day, Shibas still have a prey drive and will run after anything that catches their attention. They are still considered a good hunting dog, so if you’re looking for a hunting dog, consider getting a Shiba Inu!
Shibas aren’t Golden Retrievers or Siberian Huskies, but they are good dogs in their own ways. Please remember that we collected all this information from people websites about Shibas or people who have Shibas. Please remember that although your Shiba Inu may act a certain way, that does not mean every Shiba is like that. Some Shibas may be a horrible hunting dog but be an amazing family dog. Some may even be the complete opposite. Every single dog on this earth is different. They’re like humans in a way. So, what did you think about this article? Comment down below!

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