5 Dogs That Stay Small


Want a tiny dog in your life? You may want one for many reasons. If you have small kids (this post is NOT about dogs that are kid friendly, we have an article about that exact subject though), live in an apartment, or want an indoor dog, you should look into getting a small dog. Again, this is NOT the article for you if you are looking for a dog that is good with children. Having a small dog may mean that they won’t be expensive. Saying that most small dogs just don’t need as much food as larger dogs and that they don’t need such huge toys or beds. Also some of the dog breeds in this list you may also not recognize as they aren’t as popular.

American Eskimo Dog (Toy)

The toy version of the American Eskimo Dog is the only one that will make it on this list, as the two other kinds, miniature and standard are actually too big. The American Eskimo Dog is a great dog for those you like to play. These dogs are pretty energetic so exercise could be necessary occasionally. Daily walks and fetch can be good ways to give your dog exercise. You could also let your dog out in a fenced yard.

These dogs have a beautiful white coat that’s fairly dense. Despite their look, it’s only recommended to brush and bath these dogs weekly (which perhaps could be too much for you if you’re busy and perhaps it doesn’t need that much bathing). These dogs can be very social and may develop social issues if neglected or is not trained enough. These dogs are not the friendliest to other pets or dogs, but are somewhat affectionate. According www.thesprucepets.com, the dogs were bred by Germans in the Midwest of the United States of America, not Eskimos and was only recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1995.

Coton de Tulear

The Coton de Tulear only gets 9-11 inches tall and only weighs 8-13 pounds! The dog’s coat is so soft that the French refer to it as cotton. The word cotton in french is “coton.” This dog comes from the seaport town of Tulear in Madagascar, so thus this dog gets it’s name, “Coton de Tulear”which simply means “Cotton Tulear.” So in english this dog breed would actually be “Cotton Tulear,” not “Coton de Tulear.”

Daily brushes is recommended by the American Kennel Club. Coton de Tulears are  fairly active so daily walks are recommended if you don’t have a fenced backyard. You could also fetch with your dog and play with various dog toys. For ages, this dog was isolated as the people of Madagascar loved the dog so much that they didn’t want to want the dog to leave the island, thus it became isolated. Eventually in the 60’s, some French tourists discovered the breed. The Coton  de Tulear is also friendly to both strangers and other dogs as well. Unfortunately though, Coton puppies generally cost over 2,000 US dollars!


Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso, usually found in a white, brown and black mix is very small. These dogs, getting less than a foot tall (10-11 inches) has thick skinned and needs a lot of protein and fat. You can try feeding your dog dog foods that contain fish, as fish as both some protein and fatty oils.

These dogs only weigh 12-18 pounds. “Lhasa Apso” means “Lhasa Apso long-haired dog (Lhasa is a town in modern day China)”. These dogs can be very strong-willed and may bite if pushed and should be socialized at a young age. It could also be hard to train the Lhasa Apso as well.

Chow Chow

The Chow Chow, with it’s abnormal name is the biggest dog in this list, getting around 40-50 pounds. They are quite sturdy, but should go on long jogs as they simply are too bulky and have too thick of a coat. The Chow Chow was seen in China since the ancient times. Because of their sturdy body and thick coat, these dogs do well in cold weather. Also because of their thicker coat, grooming about twice a week is recommended.

The Chow Chow isn’t super friendly, but is a decent watch dog. Please keep in mind that these dogs could be aggressive to dogs of the same sex. Also, believe it or not, the Chow Chow’s tongue is actually a dark blue! As you may also see, these dogs, like the Bulldog, generally have an “unhappy” look while other dogs such as the Samoyed and Shiba Inu usually have a happier look.


The Keeshond, having Dutch origin is only slightly smaller than the Chow Chow, weighing around 35-45 pounds and 17 inches tall for females and 18 inches for males. They are usually always a mix of black, gray and a creamish white color. The Keeshond have a long straight coat with a curly tail, like most spitz breeds of their size. They are fairly vocal and does pretty well in the cold weather.

They are intelligent. friendly, and now the national dog of Holland, was used a good bit in political cartoons and soon later became known as “barge dogs,” as they were commonly kept as watchdogs on small vessels navigating the Rhine River. Their lifespan is 12-14 years and could be prone to epilepsy, skin problems and could also get renal cortical hypoplasia. Cortical hypoplasia is a disease where the kidneys aren’t fully developed which then may the blood have more toxins than usual. Unfortunately, according to www.terrificpets.com, this disease cannot be avoided.

Again, there is no guarantee that these dogs are good with children however, there dogs should always stay small and never get too big!

So, did you get any ideas on what dog you may be getting? Comment it below!

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