5 Dogs That Are Good With Kids (According to Research)


DISCLAIMER: The author of this article RESEARCHED ONLINE ONLY. Individuals may vary. Make sure that the dog you get is a friendly dog, as dogs, like humans will vary. PLEASE check to see if the dog will be friendly toward your children regardless of what breed it is. Thank you.

I’m sure that there are some parents that want a dog, but have young kids, and don’t want them to get hurt. I get that. You’re most likely going to need a small dog. Now not always, as some dogs like to Golden Retriever are popular for it being kinder and more gentle toward kids however,  at the same time, you still may want a small dog for other reasons. This this article, I will feature both small and slightly larger dogs. Please pick carefully and always make sure to research more about the dog breed you’re thinking about getting.

Pug (For kids 8+)

The pug is almost a controversial dog when it comes to if they’re truly a dog for kids. Most sites say they’re a good pet for kids, and even have research backing it up. According to the ATTS, and other sites like this one, pugs have a high temperament and are pretty passive.

These dogs should have an average amount of exercise. Make sure to exercise them regularly, but also make sure to stay at their own pace. Pugs can be a good dog for kids because of their fairly energetic, playful nature. They aren’t too thin, but not too heavy either. As I stated before, pugs have a high temperament, with a temperament percent of 91.7 according to the ATTS (American Temperament Test Society). Which the higher the percent, the better.

Of course, all dogs may vary, but these things that are mentioned are more stereotypes. So please don’t think that every dog will be exactly like this. Some dogs may not be good with kids, despite being a “kid-friendly” dog breed. And of course, they are still animals, and may snap at any time. These dogs that we are showing are more

Cocker Spaniel (For Kids 8+)

The Cocker Spaniel is a small, playful dog most suitable for kids 8 years of age and older. They were and still are a popular American breed. Not to be confused with the English Cocker Spaniel, these dogs have droopy ears, often found in black or a mix of black and white, and actually has different variations of fur throughout the body.

Due to their thicker coat, it is recommended to groom these dogs daily. Grooming is rarely mandatory, but grooming dogs that have thick coats is highly recommended, as the coat can get tangled and just look messy. If you don’t want to groom much, a short haired dog such as the pug may be a better option.

A walk occasionally is recommended, as well as fetch. They are moderately energetic. Not super outgoing, nor extremely lazy either. According to the ATTS (American Temperament Test Society), the Cocker Spaniel has a temperament percent of 82%, which a slightly better temperament.

Wire Fox Terrier (For Kids 6+)

The Wire Fox Terrier is an amazing dog for children 6 years old and older. They are a great companion and and fairly small as well. They don’t shed a ton and are decently energetic. With their rough fur, long head and stubby tail, they are definitely a compelling dog breed.

Because of the dog’s fairly short hair, it is only recommended to groom the Wire Fox Terrier weekly. They may not be as friendly to other dogs as other breeds, but are actually pretty dogs for kids. They may not be the best watch dog, but they are still energetic. Yet at the same time, they can make good hunting dogs as well. Please note that we do not know that every dog will be like this for mainly two different reasons. One, because dogs can change any moment, as they are still animals. And two, because dog personalities are all different! So please again, do not take anything we say true for every dog out there!

Basset Hound (For Kids 8+)

Despite the size of this small dog,  the Basset Hound can be a solid, muscular dog. These dogs only get around 13-15 inches tall and generally around 25-30 inches long. They tend to live around 12-13 years and has a generally longer tail. They have short legs, as you can see in the image above.

Please note that these may be a slightly harder dog breed to care for, as they need plenty of exercise and need to have a leashed when outdoors. If you somehow don’t know already, Basset Hounds have a strong sense of smell and may start chasing an animal if it smells it. These dogs are considered a hunting dog breed — you know why.  As stated before, these dogs need plenty of exercise. The hardest part about getting them to do what you want is that one, they can hear that well. And two, they’re just lazy. But you must take your dog off of that couch, leash it up and take it for a walk — or just let them outside.

Nederlandse Kooikerhondje (Children 14+)

This dog breed is best with kids 14 and older. Yes, the dog has a super strange name for us English speakers. If you haven’t noticed by it’s name, this dog comes from the Netherlands. The word “Nederlands” means Dutch in well, Dutch! The dog breed is pronouced, “netherland-se coy-ker-hond-tsje.”

This dog breed is decently old, being bred at least 500 years ago in the Middle Ages. These dogs like stated before should be older kids because according to some, they might not stand a lot of noise. This dog breed because of it’s rarity, can be very expensive, especially for someone who is middle class. According to www.puppyarea.com, these dogs cost almost 3000 US dollars!


Please note that we don’t completely child-friendly and please research the dog that you are wanting to get for you and your family before you get the dog. But maybe this can give you some ideas at least!

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