30 Adorable Names For Your Shiba Puppy


Every dog should have a good name. They just do.

And Shibas are no exception. Saying that Shiba Inus are from Japan, there are a lot of interesting Japanese names that you could give your shiba.

But, there are other names you can choose from as well.

In this article, I will list some of the names that I think are cute. Let’s get started!

Boy Names For Shiba Pups

  1. Baby – Yes, you can name your Shiba Baby!
  2. Benny – It’s actually a Hebrew word for “Son Of My Right Hand”
  3. Yoshi – For those who are a fan of Mario
  4. Mario – Another name for those who are a fan of Mario
  5. Tofu – For those who really love tofu
  6. Mochi – Mochi is a sweet, sticky rice cake typically eaten in Japan
  7. Bear – It means bear
  8. Max – For those who watch ShibeNation on Youtube
  9. Mikey – It is an appreciation of Michael which means “Who Is Like The Lord?”
  10. Natto – Natto are fermented soybeans
  11. Marshmallow – A name for white Shiba Inus
  12. Ramen – For those who love ramen!
  13. Sushi – Who doesn’t like Sushi?
  14. Chopstick – Chopsticks are used all the time in Japan
  15. Jacob – It means “supplanter”

Girl Names For Shiba Pups

  1. Nora – It’s a Irish name that means “honor”.
  2. Chan – It’s a Chinese name that means “snow”.
  3. Lulu – My dog is named Lulu, but she isn’t a Shiba though.
  4. Ada – It names “noble” and “happy”.
  5. Aki – It’s a Japanese name that means “sparkle”, “bright”, and “Autumn”.
  6. Alex – It’s a gender neutral name
  7. Cate – It means “”pure.”
  8. Cheddar – Yes, Cheddar is a name.
  9. Sanya – It is an Arabic name and it means “brilliant” and “splendid”.
  10. Sheba – It sounds exactly like Shiba!
  11. Halo – It means “divine aura”.
  12. Hana – It’s Japanese and it means “bud” and “blossom”.
  13. Lola – It means “sorrows”.
  14. Abby – It is short for Abigail or Abraham
  15. Lea – It’s a Hebrew name and it means “weary”.

There Are More Names

There are other names that you can choose from. You could always name your Shiba common names like Henry or Sarah as well. It really is up to you.

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