3 Tips For Beginners That Will Make Fishkeeping EASIER


Are you a beginner? Do you want to make fishkeeping a little easier? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’m going to share three tips that I believe will make your fish keeping journey easier.

Try to save money if you can

If you have a strict budget, this first tip can really help you. If you’re frugal and search for good deals you can save and even get what you want  less than retail prices.  For example, try looking for a used aquarium like I recently did.

I bought a 20 gallon high along with a fish net, fish medicine and other aquarium supplies for just $25 US. Saying that the pet stores I was shopping at sold 20 gallon tanks for as as much as $80 alone, that was a great deal!

Just make sure there’s no cracks or scratches and that you’re actually saving money. Some great places to shop include Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, and garage sales.

My article, “Keeping Fish On A Restricted Budget” talks about this more. I recommend that you read it if you want to learn how to keep fish on a restricted budget.

Have A Aquarium Pantry For Your Fish And Your Fish Tank

You NEED a aquarium pantry (a stock of fish food and aquarium supplies that you use regularly and replenish every time you use something) of water conditioner, food and other things that you will eventually run out of in case you can’t run to the grocery store when you need something for your fish.

If you don’t have an aquarium pantry, I recommend starting one as soon as you can. This may seem just crazy to have a pantry for your fish, but you should really look into one. If you were to get sick one day or couldn’t go to the store, but needed fish food, you would have some in your aquarium pantry.

Stock up everything that will need like filters, fish food and other aquarium supplies that you will need. Don’t blow up your wallet by getting unnecessary equipment that you will never need.

Even get medication for your fish. At least have medication for and diseases (and parasites) like Ich, Dropsy and other diseases and parasites.

Again, just get anything you think you could need for your fish. You don’t need everything. Just get everything that you will need.

I also recommend making a emergency stock for things that don’t expire like fish tank in case you catch your aquarium leaking.

Research before you get fish

This is actually good advice for any hobby. Make sure you know what’re your getting into.

Make sure to know at least the size (to know how big a of a tank they need, feel free to also just see what other say as well), the recommended temperature, pH, common diseases, and recommended tank mates for your fish.

Just get a good idea of what you’re going to need to keep the fish you want. Perhaps while your studying, you find out it’s perhaps too hard for you to keep, or gets too big for your tank.

‘Other tips and tricks you can try doing

  1. Add water conditioner (purifyer) before you pour in the water. When you pour in the water, it mixes the water conditioner with the water.
  2.  Try not to panic about tank sizes or even sick fish. This may cause you to do bad decisions and simply make fishkeeping very stressful. Relax and enjoy your fish! 🙂
  3. Be patient. You need to be if you’re going to keep fish

If you feel bad that you haven’t done any of these tips, don’t. These tips were just something that you should consider doing.

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