5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get A Pug


Pugs are amazing dogs, but they do have their down side. They aren’t perfect.

You see, pugs are animals just like other dogs, so they aren’t and will never be perfect. I know that a lot of pug owners don’t want to hear that pugs aren’t perfect, but it’s true.

Don’t get me wrong, pugs are great and I don’t hate pugs. But for those who are thinking about getting a pug soon, it’s important to know what you’re getting into.

Pugs Can And Will Slobber

Pug owners know that they slobber. Not only do they slobber, but they also make strange, (for some people) irritating or even gross noises like snorting, snuffling, wheezing, and snoring

. So, they do make noise and for some people, weird or even gross ones.

Pugs Can Get Many Diseases

Due to their flat face, they can have breathing issues. They can also get corneal ulcers and tend to do poorly in sunny, hot or humid weather.

People like myself may want a healthier dog so that they don’t have to stress a lot about if there dog is going to get sick. Some may be fine with it, but people like myself might not.

Pugs Are Known To Shed

For some, this may be absolutely fine and others might need a dog that doesn’t really shed much at all.

You see, some are allergic to dog hair and need a dog that doesn’t shed that much. So, if you are allergic to dog hair, the pug isn’t for you.

Pugs Have A Reputation For Being Stubborn

Pugs have a reputation for being stubborn at times which makes them a little harder to train compared to other dog breeds.

It isn’t that these dogs aren’t smart. They are very intelligent dog breeds, but they aren’t the easiest dog breed to train. They are especially notorious for being hard to potty-train.

Pugs Need To Be Groomed Daily

Pugs don’t need to be brushed that often, but their face needs to be cleaned daily,

It’s pretty simple to groom them, but saying that they need to be groomed daily, they may be too much work for some.

Pugs are fine dogs. But, anyone who is thinking about getting a pug needs to know what they’re getting into.

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