5 Reasons To Get A Betta Fish


The betta a extremely loved fish and is really popular in the fish hobby. I would say it would be around #2 in the most popular fish list. The most popular fish is most definitely goldfish. The betta fish is a beautiful fish and has plenty of reasons to get one.

Betta fish are stunningly beautiful

The betta fish really is beautiful. The betta fish comes in a number of colors and color variations, plus having tons of different fin variations. There are so many variations that just about everyone has a betta that they like.

Let’s look at a few variations, shall we?

1. Crowntail

The crown tail has fins that seem to look a lot like a crown. Their also look a lot like needles as well.

2. Halfmoon

Halfmoon betta fish have roundish caudal fins (back fin used to swim with), making it look a lot like half of a moon.

3. Veiltail

The veiltail seems to be the basic of bettas and the most common. The veiltail has fins that come together to form a point and makes their fins look the letter V.

As you can see, Bettas come in a variety of colors and fin shapes. These fish truly are beautiful fish!

Betta fish take less room

Although I don’t recommend keeping betta fish in bowls, I do think they can live a healthy life in a 5 gallon tank. I would say 2.5 gallons is a minimum, but you don’t have to take my advice.

But again, in my opinion, a good tank size for betta fish is around 5-10 gallons. This would make it so the betta would have space to swim plus other benefits for you and the fish, but wouldn’t be too big. The betta fish is a good fish to keep if you don’t have a lot of room, perhaps the betta fish is for you.

Betta fish are quite smart

The betta fish is pretty smart for an aquarium fish. They can be “trained” to follow a toothpick and even go through hoops (underwater of course). Bettas are very curious fish. Bettas may even bite people simply out of curiosity (or for protection).

The betta seems to be almost like a goldfish when it comes to interacting with people and their environment. You may notice that your betta has actually learned tricks and is able to interact with his/her environment. The bettas intelligence and it’s instinct to catch insects on the surface of the water makes it pretty easy to train. Training your betta to follow a toothpick can be done not soon after it gets settled in an aquarium.

Bettas are hardy

The betta fish can survive a number of conditions. These hardy fish can live in not-so-great conditions such as lower temperatures as small areas. Bettas actually live in small areas in the wild, as well as in a variety of water parameters.

They are quite amazing creatures. Saying that bettas can live in a variety of conditions, you don’t have to worry if the conditions aren’t exactly perfect. Sure, it is best if you can get it as good as you can get it, but you don’t need it to be completely perfect.

Betta fish are calming

These fish are quite calming. With their long, gracious fins, it’s hard not to be calmed by them. As bettas are slow swimmers, make sure to keep that you don’t have a strong filter. These fish truly are calming and amazing fish!

Bettas are great fish for beginners or experts. They’re beginner friendly, beautiful, and simply calming. It’s no wonder that bettas are one of the most popular fish out there!

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